Tuesday, November 27, 2018

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year: Christmas at Covent Garden

I honestly cannot believe we're less than a month away from Christmas. I'll spare you from the cliché comments like "where has the year gone", "time has flown by", etc, etc. Instead, today I wanted to share a little bit about the lovely day I had with the husband in central London this past weekend. I honestly cannot remember the last time we had gone into London for the weekend (we've clearly become far too lazy after we got married) but determined to make Christmas last as long as possible, I proposed and planned a day to see the sights, enjoy some of the Christmas spirit the city already has to offer and have a great meal out. I can anticipate that all things were successfully accomplished and if you want to see what our day looked like, then keep on reading!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Trying Cult Beauty Brands For The First Time: Huda Beauty

I recently started a new series on the blog, Trying Cult Beauty Brands For The First Time and you all seemed to really enjoyed it so here I am back with another. Read the first instalment here where I talk about a few products from the Balm and Beauty Blender, two amazing brands I now understand what the hype is about. Today, I wanted to try my very first eyeshadow palette from the brand Huda Beauty and see whether I've been missing out or not (spoiler alert, I have!). I'm sure you've heard of it before but in case you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years or so, beauty sensation Huda Kattan launched an eponymous range of award-winning beauty products and has quickly become a global phenomenon. Ranging from all things make-up to skincare and even fragrances, Huda Beauty brings some of the best eyeshadows in the market, trendy lip kits, amazing falsies and is now dipping its toes in base products too like its fairly recently released foundation and concealer, both of which I have on my wishlist. To commence this new beauty journey for me and given my brother was in Portugal where there is a Sephora in every corner, I asked him to pick me up possibly one of the most sold products the range has, a mini obsessions palette, more specifically the Mauve Obsessions palette. Read on to see what I think about it!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

All About Animal Print: Snake Print Boots

Trends come and go (and come and go again), and more than ever we've seen this happening lately in fashion. With trends from the 80s and 90s resurfacing it's true what they say, the old is the new. But some trends never really go out of style; they may be more popular one season than another but, as a whole, they're pieces we probably have in our wardrobes all year round and can rely on when putting a killer outfit together.

This season, amongst all the things that will have their five minutes of fame, we saw the return of the animal print (which seems to be sticking around a LOT longer than five minutes). I've talked about the leopard print endlessly here, and how it is a trend that keeps popping up and its updates always feel relevant. In a similar fashion, the snake print is also having its moment, perhaps not quite as big as a leopard, but still worth the attention. Keep on reading!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall Go-To Outfit: Knee-High Boots & Midi Dress

Oops, I did it again. I've gone and added yet another pair of boots to the collection (well, truth be told 2 pairs but more on that in an upcoming post). There is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind my recent addition and that is the TV hit show, Friends. Despite being a little longer than 14 years since Friends aired its last episode, this show never gets old. I kid you not, but I must have rewatched the entire thing a good number of times by now, and a couple of weeks back I started it again on good ol' Netflix. Yup, I am a massive Friends fan, I know lines by heart and I love everything about it. Some say the show is somewhat dated, but you will agree with me that the fashion isn't and Rachel Green's wardrobe, especially in season 6 onwards, is still on the money. I recently saw the episode The One With Joey's Porche in which Ross and Rachel try to get an annulment and Rachel is wearing THE most fabulous pair of high boots as they march down to their lawyer's office. The boots (see them here) were glossy, knee-high and with a heel sturdy enough to spend a day stomping around in; she obviously looked fabulous, the boots were absolutely dreamy and were exactly what I wanted in my wardrobe for this winter. So when fashionworld.co.uk got in touch about a collaboration and I saw their boots stock I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get me a pair, so I did!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Heritage-Inspired Printed Coat Trend

The change of season is well and truly upon us and what I've been loving to wear the most lately are all of my autumn coats. The transition into the new season is the perfect time for that trench style, to add some leather or to opt for heritage-inspired prints. Whilst I love all three trends and have already included them in my coat selection, my favourite has to be the last. Think of all the tartan and check patterns in all sorts of beautiful colours combination; yep that's I've been wearing non-stop. The heritage trend, among a few others, is quite possibly one of the biggest for this season (perhaps it only loses to animal print?). It goes with what autumn is all about, and despite big fashion names like Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Fendi being responsible for its latest modern update, I love how the high street has quickly caught on making adding one to our wardrobes a whole lot more affordable. Whether heritage coats come fitted or left to fly loose, this is the coat to bet on this season. Keep on reading to see how I styled mine!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The £13 Pompom Jumper I Will Be Wearing On Repeat This Fall

If you know me, you will know I love a good bargain. After many years totally of ignoring it, I've started checking Primark again for on-trend pieces because I didn't want to be spending a fortune on them especially when it is most likely I will only wear them for a season or two, max. It is all part of my shop smarter initiative (if you haven't read the post on this yet check it out here). On most days I choose quality over quantity, but when I laid eyes on this pompom jumper I just couldn't resist adding it to my basket despite not needing yet another jumper added to my autumn wardrobe. It's probably not going to last me more than a season anyway but you will agree with me that it is as cute as can be and for the weather we've been recently having in London, it is just the perfect cosy layer.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Trying Cult Beauty Brands For The First Time: theBalm & Beauty Blender

I haven't shopped for new make-up in ages. Instead, I've been focusing more on skincare products and have recently spent a small fortune since my dermatologist advised me how dehydrated my skin and how it desperately needed some kick power moisturisers. So, when Justmylook.com reached for a potential collab I knew I wanted to get some makeup goodies to satisfy the urge of buying some - the struggle has been real. With amazing brands being stocked at their website, it was the perfect opportunity to try something I had heard of but never tried, so I decided on two brands widely famous that I had yet to try (always late to the party, aren't I?). Keep on reading to see what I picked!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn is Here: How to Wear Leopard Print Shoes

It's no surprise to anyone that leopard print is quite possibly the biggest fashion trend for this season. I'm certainly seeing it everywhere I turn, and believe it or not, it all started back in the 1920s when leopard fur coats were all the rage (thankfully real fur is a thing of the past). By the 1940s, the print got bolder and was seen in anything from evening wear, to swimwear. In the 60s, eye-catching leopard printed accessories were the ones to bet on, and since then the animal print has remained every woman's secret wardrobe weapon. The print instantly pumps up an outfit and matches well with pretty much anything so what's not to love?! I've worn my fair share of leopard print clothing (check these posts here and here), but shoes were something I've had my eyes on for quite some time and really wanted to try to style. Thankfully, the high street is inundated with offerings of this kind, from court shoes to ankle boots, and here are a few tips on how you too can add some "rawwwr" and personality to any outfit by starting with your footwear.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Back To School Edition: Glossybox September 2018

Wow, two weeks off from this little space felt like an eternity. It was however much needed time off considering the number of things I was juggling but I am back and so so happy and to be bringing you one of my favourite posts to write, a Glossybox* review! I try to make these as a light read as possible and I hope you too enjoy reading them. Now, September is one of those gloomy months where we go back to school, uni or work after an amazing summer away and Glossybox, anticipating this, has put together a curated edit to help us get prepped and organised, and I am all for that. Let's see how they did, shall we?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

5 Tips On How To Shop Smart This Fall

I recently read Hayley's post on why she has given up on sale shopping (if you haven't read it yet, check it out here), and it really spoke to me as I could relate to pretty much every reason she mentioned. I too was guilty of buying things in the sale that were either too small or too big for me, with the promise I made to myself that I would fit into it one day or get it tailored, only to see the item with its tags still attached a good couple of months later and deciding to send it to a charity. With this in mind, and with the new season steadily approaching, we're all going to want to do some shopping (I know I am considering the massive clearout I had before the seasons changed). But shopping for a new season wardrobe doesn't need to be spending big bucks on various items, I'd rather shop smarter. With these 5 tips I've put together on how to shop smart this autumn (which actually work for any season or any time you fancy shopping at all), I hope you and I can really drive our monthly credit card bills down and became a better shopper going forward. If you too are tired of buying things just for the sake of it and wanna learn a few fail-proof tips, then keep on reading!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer 2018: My Latest Outfits From Instagram

Can you tell it's been radio silence over here recently? These past few weeks have been anything but easy when it comes to blogging, and I blame it on the sunshine! Since my holiday at the beginning of July, I've been really enjoying summer and with the prolonged warm weather we've been having (that seems over now doesn't it), I've wanted to be anywhere but behind a computer or a phone, and surely you can relate. It was time I let my hair down, enjoy every single hour of sunshine for walks, outings with friends, camping, and everything I had never done before because let's be frank, the British summer weather never previously allowed for. But, even if pamscalfi.com has been put on the side more often recently, I've been sharing some of my normal day outfits (rather than purposely photographed ones) on my social media and today I wanted to do a rundown of those because I often get asked where stuff is from so maybe this will help. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to link similar items to each look, making your life easier too! You're welcome :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Long Hair Do Care: L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Long Hair Range

Despite shorter hair being the "it" trend nowadays, my long hair has been my trademark for a good couple of years and I don't think I will part ways with it any time soon. Even though I've always made an effort to care for it, I've struggled to find products that I loved going back to and that were perfectly right for my hair. Having tried various other L'Oreal hair products previously as well as bigger and more expensive brands, and liking them but not loving, washing and caring for my hair previously felt like a chore. The new L'Oreal  Elvive Dream Lengths range for long damaged hair has come to change that (thank goodness!) and I don't think I've been this excited about a drugstore product in years. Wanna know more about what I think of this new hair regime? Then keep on reading!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Two SS18 Trends I Never Thought I'd Be Wearing: Belt Bags & Ckunky Trainers

Confused, intrigued, loving it...yep that's me when it comes to these trends. I remember my father sporting fanny packs back in the day (and me being deeply embarrassed by it). Yet now here I am actually wearing one, in broad daylight for all to see. Similarly, chunky dad trainers were ugly things of the past, and just recently I spent a good hour searching for the right one to purchase online. Have I gone absolutely mad? Maybe so, because despite thinking I would never cave for these insane trends, I'm actually really loving them and not only wearing one of these "bold" statements in an outfit but two, together. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Heatwave Done Right With My New BFF: Nivea Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF50

After a mini break from the blog, I am glad to be back! And I'm not the only one who's back; the sunshine has come to stay for a couple more days (hopefully a lot more days) and I must say, this must have been one the best summers I've experienced in London in the 13 years I've lived here! Glorious sunshine, temperatures above 25 degrees every day, all the ice cream...what else does a girl need? Oh that's right, sun protection! I know we all need (and long for) some sun exposure especially when summer comes round after long miserable winter days. But too much unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Remember sun rays are comprised of both UVA and UVB rays. UVA contributes to premature ageing and UVB to sunburns! So whether you're jetting off for a beach holiday or simply relaxing in the garden this summer, protecting your skin from the sun is a key step to achieving and retaining youthful radiance. And with this in mind, I wanted to share a product I found that works amazingly well for just that! Keep on reading to find out more!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Under The Sea: Glossybox July 2018

Continuing from last month's theme (check that out here), for the month of July Glossybox* brings us tropical vibes, with offerings designed to ease holiday beauty whether you're off to something exotic or not this summer. With an ocean infused wave creator for your hair to a makeup brush in the shape of a shell, it seems they went all out on beach babe essentials. Let's dive deep into this month's box; keep on reading for my honest opinion on all the products!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunset in Menorca In a Flowery & Flowy Romper

This is the first time I'm wearing a romper, a playsuit, or whatever you wanna call it. Having never been much of a fan of anything in short form, I may have found the solution to my problem. For as long as I can remember I've been a flowy summer dress wearer, avoiding anything that hugs my thighs too much. But when I saw this little romper from Zaful* I knew I had to have it. Not only would it look amazing on holiday with a tan, it has a tail resembling a maxi dress which is a style I love for the sunny days. This is what I like to call the mullet of summer fashion, business in the front, party in the back!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

5 Stunning Beaches You Must Visit In Menorca, Spain

Ah, it feels good to be back. No, I'm lying, take me back to sunny Spain and leave me there for the rest of the summer (is that too much to ask?). I'm currently suffering from post-holiday blues, especially after such an amazing week and a bit in Menorca. I had never been before to this stunning island and what can I say, it completely wowed me. Menorca (or Minorca) is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. Its name derives from its size, contrasting it with nearby Majorca, but despite being tiny it offers so much in culture, gastronomy, architecture and of course, leisure. I truly love getting to know new places and making the most of every day, and that is exactly what we did during our stay. With the numerous beaches we went to in mind, I thought I'd put together a list of 5 top beaches and tips about each one if you ever find yourselves going to this unmissable island.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cute As A Button (Literally!): The Tortoiseshell Button Trend

If you're into micro trends, this is the one for you to try this summer. Buttons, other than being functional, have been upgraded to being totally fashionable this season. No matter how small they may be, I guarantee you'll be seeing tortoiseshell buttons on everyone's #ootd. They have proliferated in our favourite high street shops and made more affordable items look polished, sophisticated and a lot more expensive than they actually are. Previously seen mainly on glasses frames, these have flourished in many new-in pieces and one might even say, they have come to take over the number one trend spot from frills detailing!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Menorca, Here I Come: My 5 Summer Holiday Essentials

In less than 2 weeks I will be jetting off to sunny Spain, more specifically Menorca, and that is all I can think about right now (forget work, forget the world cup, I want sunshine!). One week in the sun, in flowy summer dresses, crop tops and all the pretty swimsuits out there and a break from this hectic Londoner life sound pretty much perfect, but there is a catch. Given we'll be going for a week, we will be travelling light with just a carry on each (this was my husband putting his foot down haha). This could be a problem, considering I've never been one to pack light which is why I've decided to start thinking about what I will be taking with me early on. Planning my outfits carefully beforehand will ensure I spend less time choosing what to wear and more time lounging by the pool, because there is nothing worse than having that "I have nothing to wear" moment whilst on holiday. With this in mind, I thought about writing this post because I've landed on 5 summer holiday essentials for me and I wanted to share these to inspire you too, whether you're also off to a sunny destination, or simply looking to give your summer wardrobe an upgrade. Keep on reading to find out my summer holiday musts!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Let Loose: Culottes For Every Body Type

Honestly, is there anything more comfortable than a pair of culottes, palazzo or gaucho pants? I think not. To say I've been obsessed with this cut lately is to put it lightly. From jeans to paper bag high waisted trousers and jumpsuits, I've been wearing this style non-stop thus far and I don't see my love for it dying down any time soon. I talked about Making White Culottes Amazingly Flattering here (and I'm wearing the jumpsuit feature here today), and the tips for making any pair of culottes work are pretty much the same. But talking to a few friends over the weekend, one in particular, of small build was saying how it is nearly impossible for her to be able to pull this look off. With this in mind, and if you're not yet sold on how to wear this type of pants, I thought I'd bring a few tips on how to make it work for all occasions and all body types. Let these tips inspire you to ditch your skinnies once and for all and instead let loose! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Off To The French Riviera: Glossybox June 2018

Another month comes along and so does another Glossybox*, and this month's theme as you're read in the title is French Riviera which is super exciting because that just screams summer. I've never been to fabulous and glamorous Nice, Cannes or Monaco but these destinations are definitely on my wishlist until then, Glossybox promises to bring chic and sophisticated French beauty to us with this box so let's see how they did. With a mix of beauty, skincare and also haircare I'm excited to explore more and find out why these products have been named cult favourites! Read on to find out more!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Favs: The £10 Tea Dress Everyone Has & £12 Straw Bag Everyone Wants

Despite being a lot harder to not go shopping more often when the sun is shining brightly, I am trying my very best to keep spending to a minimum this season. I have a wardrobe bursting full of dresses I mostly only wear on the weekends (because I can't be bothered with them for work), floral patterns, jumpsuits and flowy trousers; one would say I don't really need any more stuff. Having said that (there is always a but isn't there?), on a quick trip to Primark last weekend, I saw this dress which is pretty much the dress everyone has already picked and is wearing around social media and what can a girl do. The £10 floral tea dress that not only looks amazingly cute but also a lot more expensive than it is (and not at all Primark like). If you read my tea dress post here, you will know I am obsessed with this style right now so I kinda justified this purchase for that sole reason. I'm happy to report though, I only picked up two other things whilst in there and for someone who would previously spend like there was no end, this is quite an achievement! Besides, it's only a cheek Primark haul which does no harm, right?!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Limited Edition Glossybox: Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Collab

When this arrived I asked myself, another Glossybox so soon! But then I realised we were talking about something extra, but nonetheless very exciting! You may have heard of Karl Lagerfeld, a well-known fashion designer, well...he paired up with the very popular Aussie brand ModelCo to bring us a new exciting and limited edition beauty collection. Claiming to contain every handbag essential from lips and eyes to blush and a tool to accompany, I was excited to see what was inside the very sleek and cool black box (and it did not disappoint!). I love it when Glossybox gets involved in such amazing collabs, as it allows us to try a bunch of products at a fraction of their retail price, and that is exactly what you get with this box! Keep on reading to find out more!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let's Talk Foundation: My Favourite Summer Bases

People love to complain about heatwaves in London but I am loving this good weather! Granted, we're not having melting temperatures just yet but the week ahead looks promising, with bright and warm weather and I can't wait to get myself down to the beach over the upcoming bank holiday weekend (yay, I'm not working on this one!). Anyway, getting straight into the topic of this post, I don't know about you but as the weather "hots" up, the less I wanna be putting on my face. Summer is when I embrace the fresh face look and opt for lighter bases that give me some coverage on those particular areas around my face I need, but my complexion still looks natural and fresh. With this in mind, I selected 4 bases I am currently loving to wear on these warm days. If like me, you want natural skin with still some coverage, then keep on reading to find out more about these!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Ways To Make White Culottes Amazingly Flattering

If there is one pair of pants everywhere this season it is the culottes. Like I mentioned here, long gone are the skinny jeans days and instead, for the sunny season, it is all about jeans on the looser side. Everyone that is cool and has a sense of style owns a pair of cropped, wide-legged denim and for good reason. This ridiculously flattering style can take you from day to night with ease and it exactly what your wardrobe needs if you haven't yet got a pair. Plus, the culotte trend has been around for a few now, so it comes at all price points making it an affordable trend to try! But if you're not convinced and on the fence about this one, let me give you 5 easy styling tips to make this the denim to bet on this time of year. Keep on reading!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Hairstyle For The Summer: Ponytails

Ponytails; is there a hairstyle more low maintenance for summer? I think not. Seen on Burberry and Erdem catwalks for the season, ponytails are having a moment and despite not being exactly groundbreaking, they can look so good with an array of different outfits and for various occasions. Whether you're going for a picnic in the park or a summer garden wedding, there is no better way to keep your neck free in this hot weather and look amazingly polished. Keep on reading to find out my 2 favourite ways of wearing a ponytail this summer!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Let's Float Away: Glossybox May 2018

The excitement of getting new boxes every month is real and this month's delivery did not disappoint. As soon as I opened the parcel I was greeted with the most gorgeous pastel box (which has already become a storage box in my vanity) and inside a bunch of vegan and cruelty-free goodies (kudos to Glossybox for that!) to help revitalise and make pampering time even more fun.  Let's see what's inside the box this month; keep on reading!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

5 Spring Capsule Wardrobe Favourites To Invest In

Whilst it may not totally feel like spring out there right now (I feel like summer has come and gone, and we are straight into autumn again), there is hope the weather will get better - eventually. One thing we can agree on is that is not exactly freezing anymore, so the classic thick knit jumper and big coat combinations don't really work anymore. Instead, we want to leave behind all the grey hues and opt for lighter shades as well as lighter fabrics, and with this in mind, I bring you 5 timeless wardrobe pieces that not only you will be grabbing repeatedly this season, but also in the many springs to come. These are totally capsule wardrobe worthy so keep on reading to find out more!

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Dress Style For This Season: The Tea Dress

I bet you're at work at the moment, just like me. But for a second, lean back and imagine it's the weekend all over again. The sun is shining brightly, the air is warm and thick and you've got two whole days ahead of pure summer weather! My outfit choices for these days, I hear you asking: cute little tea dresses! Spring and summer done right in my book mean making tea dresses my fashion number one piece, and I will tell you why! Keep on reading...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

All Things Nostalgia: Glossybox April 2018

Look who has made a comeback on Pam Scalfi, the Glossybox! Glossybox has been a household name for a couple of years now; I last reviewed a box back in December 2015 and after 2 years and a bit, I am super excited to see what has changed and of course, all the goodies that come within it! Funnily enough, this box was designed to take us back and is dedicated to all things nostalgia (and I am definitely feeling those vibes). Inspired by generations past, yet bringing fresh twists on old classics, this box gives you staple beauty products for recreating iconic looks from the 60s, 70s, 80s or even the 90s (what a "rad" idea...what's that 90s enough?!). With 5 full-sized items, as soon as the box landed on my doorstep I was ready to dig in and now let me share with you what I think. Keep on reading if you are ready for a throwback like I am!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring/Summer Done Right: The Straw Bag Trend Craze

Ok, so while it's not feeling quite summery out there just yet, spring looks like it has finally arrived in the UK and I can hear the crowd roar! After what seemed like an endless period of grey skies and rain, the sun is shining brightly outside as I type this and that just makes my Monday a little bit better (Oh, sunshine, how we love you...please stick around for more than just a few days, ok?). And with warmer weather, upcoming summer holidays and the beauty that is springtime comes pretty amazing fashion trends too. Today I want to talk about one of these trends that have taken the fashion crowd by a storm (and I must say if you're not giving into the trend, you're doing it wrong). This trend might seem a little farfetched for some, giving we are talking about Beach Straw Bags, worn without a beach in sight. But as you can see I'm all in and this outfit I put together shows just how wearable they actually are for every day in the city too. Keep on reading!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

4 Fall Trends Sticking Around For Spring 2018

Despite the sun shining brightly outside (this was yesterday), the air is bitterly cold. I don't know about you but I want to bring out all of my spring dresses already, yet I know we have a good couple of weeks ahead of uncertain weather *sigh*. With this in mind, and even though the clock change technically means it is spring already, there are a couple of trends which were huge during fall but we are not yet ready to let them go. Good news is that you can keep wearing them well into Spring as some trends are proving to stick around for the sunnier months ahead! Let's look at these trends, which I may have mentioned before already (and I will be sure to link other posts to this). I've tried putting them all in one outfit and I hope you like it!

Monday, March 19, 2018

First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Concealer, Eyeshadow Palette & Contour Kit

When it comes to makeup, I feel like I am always a step behind, or in this case a couple hundred. Makeup Revolution is such a well-known and loved makeup brand amongst bloggers that have been around for so long yet this is my first time trying it, thanks to the Superdrug store that just opened up on my high street! Having read a couple reviews on their newest launches including the concealer everyone is madly in love with, I knew it was time to give the brand a try, even though I most certainly did not need any more makeup bits added to my collection. Thankfully, the products aren't bank breakers so I picked up a few things that caught my eye (and that weren't sold out) and here I am to share my first impressions on them as I tried each product over the weekend for the first time! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Print Out Of This World: Reaching For The Stars

If there is one trend I saw a lot of during the end of year festivities, it was the star print! It was THE print for the festive season; we saw it on the red carpet for various awards too (remember Daisy Ridley's sequined star-printed dress?). Star-printed clothing and accessories are going to continue to be one of 2018's biggest trends, and whilst at first I wasn't too sure I could pull it off, it is definitely now one of my favourites because of how much fun it is. Perhaps an edgier and more casual alternative to the polka dot trend; stars give your overall outfit cool girl vibes and I am loving this dress Boohoo kindly sent me. So, from pretty light knits for the spring ahead to dresses and nightwear, star print is what I am reaching for and I can't wait to see all the pretty pieces on the high street and maybe add a few to my closet! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How Would You Wear The Tailoring Trend?

If there is one trend I repeatedly saw at London Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago, it was the suit trend. It was big last fall and it is not going anywhere; it is set to be a hit this spring! My babe, Andrea from Brasilnality wore this gorgeous red two-piece and her girl gang matched in different primary colours (remember I said primary colours are going to be huge? Read more here) and it got me excited to try the trend too. If you've read my latest post on a minimalist wardrobe (if not check it out here - it's a good one!), you will know I am going through a "detox" let's say, and instead of buying something new I am trying to recycle and re-use more of my wardrobe and that is what I had in mind for this outfit! Read on...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Crazy, The Fun & The Pretty: Key Spring Summer 2018 Trends

Snowmaggedon is happening outside as I type, and here I am thinking about spring and summer! One can only hope that sunshine, warmth and light layering is just around the corner because I am done with this freezing weather! I wanna bring back colour into my wardrobe, I wanna dress in all the pretty summer dresses I have in storage tucked away and I wanna experiment with some of the key spring summer trends. Speaking of which, have you been following any of the AW 2018 fashion shows? I watched Gucci's last week and oh my, I am in love with the entire new collection (sadly my bank account doesn't reciprocate that feeling). But before we think about the cold season later in the year, let's focus on spring summer! For today I thought I'd round up all the key trends because I know I am always excited to read about them (for general knowledge and to know what is coming our way) and maybe some of you would like to know too! Enjoy!

From L to R: Marc Jacobs - Halpern - Gucci

Monday, February 26, 2018

5 Tips (I Am Trying To Follow) On How To Achieve a Minimalist Wardrobe

I've not always thought less is more, especially when it came to fashion. Fashion blogging is fun and all but after 3 years of being at it, I realised how much stuff I have accumulated and worse, how many pieces I only bought for one blog post and so never wore again. Trends come and go, yet clothes I spent money on are just sitting at the back of my closet, forgotten and unused. This past weekend, as I sat on my bed looking at my wide open wardrobe stuck on what to wear I found myself asking why do I repeatedly think I have nothing to wear when my closet is full to bursting?! Every morning finding something to wear becomes increasingly difficult, I cannot fit in any more hanging pieces and everything just seems to be on top of everything else making it difficult for me to see what I actually have. Not to mention, all the storage bags I have under my bed with my summer clothes (because I would never be able to fit everything I own, both summer and winter clothing, in my wardrobe); heck, I am overflowing into my husband's side of the closet! I realised enough was enough, it was time I knew exactly what I owned, got rid of things I did not need and just made dressing time easier and stress-free. Having never really done a drastic clean out, I did some research on what a minimalist fashion wardrobe consisted of and whilst I am still miles away from being completely on top of my belongings, these are tips I tried to follow and will continue to do (and I must say, it has done all the difference already) and I am excited to see the evolution it will continue to bring.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wardrobe Staple: How To Wear Mom Jeans

Far from being a trend, the mom jean has become a staple. This style has been on a high ever since its comeback a few seasons ago, and its popularity continues to soar. If you raided your mom's wardrobe in the '90s you most likely found a pair or two of these. Otherwise, you would have seen them in popular television shows like Friends, Party of Five, etc. Mom jeans have an usually high waist, long back pockets (making your behind appear longer and flatter aka booty-shaping), stiffer material, and the zipper and leg areas have a more relaxed fit; I also talked about it recently here. Brands in attempt to re-do the trend and make it simpler have come out with this style in various washes and cropped versions, as well as embroidery which is not going away anytime soon. Mom jeans, whilst not the most flattering pair of jeans you're going to own, have quickly managed to work its way into our wardrobes, and surprisingly it has ultimately become the most used article of my closet. I've already for my eyes on a few other pairs; I just can't get enough!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Would You Pay £300+ For A Designer T-shirt?

A recent article by Sheerluxe drew my attention and got me thinking about designer shopping habits, which inspired me for this post. They mention how designer t-shirts are a hot commodity at the minute, and the reason behind the huge trend is loud logos. Fendi, Gucci, Balmain, Versace, Calvin Klein, amongst many others well-known designer brands, are taking advantage of their labeling and plastering them all over a variety of their pieces. And I get it why they're doing it; if you're going to spend big bucks on a designer piece you want it to be seen and big logos are very effective in doing just that. In terms of T-shirts, Gucci comes to mind as THE brand of the moment; we've all seen blogger babes and Insta stars styling the look online. Gucci is giving shoppers who look for entry-level price points a somewhat cheaper piece to own, but still, would you fork out an eye-watering £300+ on a cotton tee?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Pink & Red: THE Perfect Combo for Valentine's Day

Fashion rules are meant to be broken all the time, and colours that you would have never paired before are now the hottest new thing. Take red and pink, for example usually an unforgiving colour combination, but somehow it just works and looks so dang good! If you're stuck on what to wear for Valentine's day why not try wearing not just one colour of love, but two! Wearing red only is a thing of the past, and red and either hot or baby pink is what the fashionistas are loving at the minute. Not only does this combination give a nod to upcoming spring (which I very much long for), it gives your wardrobe so much more versatility allowing you to pair items together that you would have dreamt of doing so. And this does not only go for red and pink but pretty much any colour. I'm also loving cobalt blue and orange combinations, green and purple and just about any colour combination under the sun. I personally cannot wait to try this red and pink pairing, and with this in mind, I've picked a few items to help me achieve the look. An entire pink and red outfit might be a little daring for me, but adding a few denim items in the mix, and basic accessories might just do the trick!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Parisian Inspired Outfit (For A Total of £70!)

Am I obsessed with Parisian style? Why yes, yes I am. I don't know what it is, but ever since I went to Paris in December with the husband for a Christmas break, I've been in a Parisian mood, from the Instagram Paris overload to all of the berets out there that I want to buy and wear. Call me crazy but in my opinion, winter looks better in this style. I've been loving both timeless stripes (hence the back to back stripe outfits here on the blog) and berets that are not only fashionable but also keep my head warm and, red lipstick to finish it all off. Hence the idea for this post when I realised my outfit was actually really affordable. All of these items prove one point, you don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve this style; I managed to do it all for a grand total of £70, amazing or what! Read on to find out how much each item cost and where to shop them!

Friday, February 2, 2018

3 Denim Outfit Ideas For The Weekend

Is there anything better than knowing today is Friday and the weekend is finally upon us? I think not! With the weekend in mind, I bring you 3 denim outfit ideas for pretty much any occasion you may have coming up. Whether you're off to a day out, shopping in the city centre, or it is date night, denim is always appropriate! I may be a little biased considering I am massive denim lover but I thought I'd share these nonetheless in case you're stuck on what to wear. Also, it is very likely that you already have some of these items in your wardrobe which means just because it was payday a few days ago, you don't need to go off spending lots of money for a new item. But, if you're missing anything I've linked all of the items below so you can shop with just a few clicks! Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stripes, Pinafore & Gucci

Are stripes ever really not on trend? I think not. They're super easy to throw on, extremely versatile and can be worn with almost everything. From subtle nautical stripes to contrasting colours and prints, adding some texture to my wardrobe is getting me in that Spring mood (which I desperately need as January blues are hitting me hard!). Stripes had a strong presence on the runways of these last fashion weeks. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, pinstripe, dashed; all kinds of different versions went down the runways and it is fair to say stripes will be a major spring/ summer 2018 print trend (and I'm already wearing it now!). Here's a very 90s look I created with stripes, a pinafore, the hat everyone wants and the newest addition to my wardrobe, my Gucci Soho disco bag!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

What I've Been Loving Lately (PS. These Are Great V-Day Gift Ideas Too!)

As cliché it may sound, how are we almost at the end of the January already? Not only did this month fly by it has also been one of the busiest months I've had recently. Work has more than doubled at my job and I've definitely been hit by the January blues (I blame payday being so far away!). But in an attempt to lighten my mood and talk about nicer and exciting things, I am sharing with you all today what I've been loving lately in the beauty department. Despite most being from PR, I genuinely love them - otherwise, I would not be sharing them here- AND they would make great gifts for the beauty lover in your life for Valentine's Day. Celebrating V-day only between couples is SO last year so this year, the hubby and I will be cherishing our friendships and I'm sure one of my girlfriends would LOVE these! Hope you enjoy this post, I had a great time putting it together and I am very excited to be bringing more beauty content this year!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Pantone Colour of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Every year, the colour experts at the Pantone Colour Institute arrive at a colour of the year after extensive research on all possible topics you can imagine, from technology to fashion. And, if you have been a reader of mine for a while you will know I love mentioning the Pantone colours of each year; remember Rose Quartz and Serenity for 2016? How about Greenery for 2017? Baby pink and baby blue to this day, continue to be amongst my favourites shades in just about anything (currently trying to convince the hubby of getting a pink chair for the living room). I confess greenery wasn't my favourite, not exactly a colour that moves me much and apart from adding a few all-green plants to my home, it wasn't a shade I was dying to wear. This year, however, the new shade to bet on is incredibly vibrant and unlike anything I was expecting, and I'm excited!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Welcome 2.6! 26 Things I have learned by 26

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

This girl turned 26 yesterday and it feels like just yesterday I was 18! When people told me that after 20, time was going to fly by I did not believe them but it has been so very true. Every year goes by quicker and quicker so I always remind myself that it is a good idea to make the most of it. This past year was full of different experiences, both good and bad, which I believe made me grow as a person. I learned various different things and I wanted to share with you 26 of these today, in no particular order. Enjoying reading and I hope you like the outfit I bring you today, featuring Simply Be.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Welcome 2018: 2017 Recap and Blogging Resolutions!

And so the year finally starts here on the blog! I've been away for a few weeks, not just from this space but also from work and let me tell how good that felt! I was still pretty active over on social media and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I went travelling with the hubby, but it was a much needed time to switch off, relax and recharge my batteries for the new year ahead, especially after the very busy year of 2017 I had! Let's have a quick recap, shall we?!
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