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The Crazy, The Fun & The Pretty: Key Spring Summer 2018 Trends

Snowmaggedon is happening outside as I type, and here I am thinking about spring and summer! One can only hope that sunshine, warmth and light layering is just around the corner because I am done with this freezing weather! I wanna bring back colour into my wardrobe, I wanna dress in all the pretty summer dresses I have in storage tucked away and I wanna experiment with some of the key spring summer trends. Speaking of which, have you been following any of the AW 2018 fashion shows? I watched Gucci's last week and oh my, I am in love with the entire new collection (sadly my bank account doesn't reciprocate that feeling). But before we think about the cold season later in the year, let's focus on spring summer! For today I thought I'd round up all the key trends because I know I am always excited to read about them (for general knowledge and to know what is coming our way) and maybe some of you would like to know too! Enjoy!

From L to R: Marc Jacobs - Halpern - Gucci
Glitter was seen down the runway amongst the biggest names in fashion, from Marc Jacobs to Gucci. To say that sequins and sparkles are going to have a moment next season is an understatement. How to rock the trend? For daytime, you can dress it down by pairing it with denim and keeping the rest of out outfit basic and for the evening, you might as well go all out and shine bright like a diamond (and Sequin Dresses are the way to do just that!).

From L to R: Victoria Beckham - Sies Marjan - Michael Kors
Are pastels ever really out of season? Think baby pink, duck egg blue, and of course lilac -the softer version of Pantone's colour of the year. To quote Victoria Beckham "delicacy can be strong" and I love the idea of pastel tailoring, it is anything but sweet. This is one trend I am already eager to try (if the weather collaborates).

From L to R: Toga - Kaia Gerber - Calvin Klein 
You read that right, plastic! As if vinyl (thanks to Calvin Klein) last season wasn't enough, the plastic craze was seen down the runway at Chanel, Isabel, Burberry, CK and Topshop, and it is bound to be big next summer. I get why this would be appealing especially for us living in rainy old UK (and because you'd only need to wipe clean these clothing pieces) but not sure it's a trend I'd be willing to try out. Only time can tell! Thoughts?

From L to R: Balmain - Celine - Celine - Bottega Veneta
Not like we've seen before at festivals, but in a more elegant incarnation. I love Celine's offerings and you will agree with me that Philo (Celine's creative director who has now left the fashion house *sob*) made these look incredibly sophisticated and powerful. Some looks from other designers were on the frivolous side, but if done right this can be a trend to bet on (and it's kinda fun, don't you think?!).

From L to R: Calvin Klein - Agnona - Versace - Stella McCartney
If pastel isn't your thing, you will be happy to know summer will also be very bright! I feel like we have already seen some of it during fall, with red and yellow being massive shades. But for the warmer months ahead we can bet on all primary colours. A head-to-toe look might be a bit much for some to start with, but bright accents are also a fun way to embrace the trend!

From L to R: Valentino - Alexander McQueen - Erdem
Love, love, love the fact that we are not done with ruffles just yet. They are incredibly romantic and feminine and I know I am going to want to dress in ruffles all summer long! Anyone else getting emoji vibes fro Alexander's outfit?

From L to R: Fendi - Christopher Kayne - Dior - Dior
Transparent clothing has been on a high, and next season the key is to get your undergarments right. Not for the faint-hearted, I'm definitely not ready to bare nearly all. For those who are brave and much more in their skin (and the lack of coverage). evening wear would look great in this trend. For now, the way I am trying the trend is by wearing discreet mesh when choosing my Going Out Dresses.

What are your favourite trends? Mine would have to be ruffles and those pretty ice cream pastel colours! 

Let me know below, I wanna know your opinion too! Thanks for reading as always beauties and have a great rest of the weekend! Stay warm (and join me in prayers for better weather soon!!).

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  1. So excited for pastels to come back just in time for Spring!

    Anika |

  2. Same here, I just want to swan around in cute summer dresses and inject some colour back into my outfits. Today I left the house wearing my most unattractive bubble coat over about 10 layers. I'm done with this weather... I never watch fashion shows so this is actually interesting for me to get a run down of what type of stuff I should expect to find in the stores this Spring/Summer. I'm definitely excited about bright colours, I always like pretty pastels too and I like some sheer pieces. Now all we need is some sunshine!

    Samio x

  3. I love these trends! I can't wait for spring.

  4. Que maximo lindos looks arrasou, obrigado pela visita.

  5. I love brights and pastel trend, about plastic one Im a little bit skeptical :-)

  6. I think the only trend I can warm up to here in ruffles, the other are a touch too crazy for me. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. I love sequins and ruffles, not too keen on the plastic though lol!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. No, pastels are never really out of season haha! Pastels and ruffles - my faves!

    Mich x

  9. What beautiful trends, I really like the pastels and ruffles!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  10. These are gorgeous outfits. Lots of cool inspirations here. I love the idea of wearing sequins for summer.

    Jessica |

  11. I've never really embraced pastels or fringes but I think I might just give them a try this year! :)


  12. Some of these pieces look gorgeous x


  13. I'm all for the ruffles which is why I was drawn to the black dress I styled last week. Sheer is up my alley as well. Have a great week Pam!

  14. Wow, there are lot of inspiration here. I love pastel colours in spring and summer! 😘😘😘.
    Visited after a long time after the injuries. I'm still recovering. Hope will find well soon. Have a great Monday! Kisses 😘😘

  15. Oooh, I loved the fringes and the ice cream pastels colours, so sweet, so refreshing! After the "Beast from the east" I guess everybody is longing for that! Sorry I was a bit absent, I had a 2-week break, and still need to sleep more :) Hope you have a lovely week!


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