Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Christmas Outfit: Velvet & Cold Shoulder Dress

Hello beauties! Merry Christmas! How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was pretty traditional with lots of food, laughter and thanksgiving for the most wonderful present one could ever get (I'm talking about baby Jesus here). As per our tradition (which I explained last year here), we began celebrating Christmas on the 24th and celebrations went right up until the early hours of the 25th; it was a lot of fun and loud as you can imagine! Just like previous years, we throw a big party at church on the 24th and apart from the food which is always beyond amazing and the precious time spent with friends and family, one of my favourite aspects of the whole thing is getting to dress up! Who doesn't love dressing up a little for Christmas?! After searching countless websites for THE dress of the season (for some reason, I was really picky this year and no dresses pleased me) I went back to the place I started looking at (good old Asos) and found a dress in my size and on sale! It was meant to be mine!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter 2016 Fashion Trends: Faux Fur Coat

What is winter without a bit of faux fur? Not only is this incredibly cosy trend super stylish, it also gets a furry friend stamp of approval (say no! to real fur garments). From our favourite fashion bloggers to the runways, this trend is everywhere come winter after all what's not to love. With all the different patterns and styles faux fur is hands down the trend to try if you haven't yet during the winter season. My favourite way to showcase a bit (I mean a lot) of faux fur is with outerwear and yes this coat has already made an appearance on this blog here and no the look is not particularly groundbreaking. But hey, that's the beauty of fashion blogging isn't it, "recycling" and wearing pieces again and again! Besides, when you find a combo that works well like all black and a bit of glam, you can blame me from wanting to wear it on repeat. Here's how I embraced this trend this year and the different accessories I chose for this look.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Skincare, Beauty & Home: My Latest Obsessions

Unlike last year when I wrote about My 2015 Beauty Favourites in December, I thought this year I'd talk about my actual December favourites instead. I'm not one for usually writing about my monthly favourites, mostly because gone is the day I actually tried new products every month. Through trial and error, I'd like to think I've found products that really work for my skin and I am happy with how they perform. Which is why, I've only included a few beauty bits but also have other non-beauty related items. Some were great finds I simply had to share with you all, so I hope you enjoy reading this!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Winter 2016 Fashion Trends: Metallic Skirt & Knee High Boots

Shine bright like a diamond; sorry I had to go there! Let's agree, metallic was one of the biggest trends for fall and this winter, it is not going anywhere. Anything that shines and sparkles is particularly hot at the minute given party season is officially upon us and what better time to experiment with pieces you wouldn't normally wear than right now. It seems like every single designer has sent his models down the runway in some sort of version of space-girls, form super refined and high fashion-minimal to more edgy grungy takes of this metallic new look. And to think we've got the 80s to thank for this metallic revival; everything is coming back but bigger than ever!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Cute, Useful & Unusual: Christmas Stocking Fillers Ideas

What do we want? Christmas! When do we want it? NOW! I know I know, you can roll your eyes at yet another stocking fillers post. In all fairness though, these aren't all beauty related so I definitely recommend you to keep reading as you may find yourself inspired!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Red Lips: My Top 5 Picks For The Festive Season

Red can be a tough colour to wear, especially lipstick! If you're not careful enough one moment it's on your lips the next it's smeared all over your face, nose and chin. But, you will agree with me that there is not a more fitting time to wear red than at Chrismas time. Red may be the colour of energy and passion, but there is something about it that makes perfectly festive too. When it comes down to picking the right shade, the secret is to find one that works with your colouring, from skin undertones to hair and even eye colour. Blue-toned reds look more retro and cool whilst orange reds (which are not a big favourite of mine) look warmer and more modern. And of course, we cannot leave out the berry red shades which are just perfect for the winter. Whether you're a beauty pro or a make-up novice if you want to update your look for the festive season why not try a killer red lip? Here are my current top 5 red lipsticks!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter 2016 Fashion Trends: Leopard Print Coat & Western Boots

Am I glad to see Leopard Print back in the fashion scene! I've had this coat for as long as I can remember, and I've always been put a little off from wearing. The print is loud and the colours are on the bold side, however, it is so warm I was willing to look past all of that and take it out for a day in central London. How freaking cold and windy was this weekend!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Vietnamese Street Food Class @ The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

It's not every day you get invited to attend a cooking class, especially when it's at Jamie Oliver's brand new Cookery School. I've always wanted to attend a class of similar nature; I am getting married in April and despite not being the biggest cook, wouldn't hurt for me and the future hubby to pick a few skills. Jamie Oliver is a household name and we simply had to try the latest of his growing enterprise which is why, when I saw the invitation pop into my inbox I immediately accepted and off we went for a night of Vietnamese street food preparing.
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