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If you are part of a company which is based on fashion, beauty or lifestyle, and wish to have your products featured here on Pam Scalfi please contact me on to discuss further. I am happy to write reviews, sponsored posts, host giveaways, etc. Please note all of these will be clearly marked with a (*) as will gifted items in accordance with my Disclaimer page. Please get in touch for a copy of my Media Kit.


20 Questions with Pam Scalfi, read here.


In short:
i) All of the content on this blog is written by me, Pamella Serafim, aka "Pam Scalfi".
ii) All photography that does not belong to me will be credited where credit is due, and I hope that if you choose to use my photos in a blog/website of your own then you will credit me where appropriate.
iii) I am not a professional makeup/nail art artist nor will I claim to be one. I just love these things and am here to share my opinions with you.
iv) I will always write my honest opinion in reviews. I will tell it to you straight, if the product sucks, you will know. If I love something, that is my opinion and will inform you of why that is. I will also not lie in my reviews or posts to make a product more appealing.
v) If a post is written to promote a sponsor, it will be clearly stated. Similarly, if I am reviewing a product which I received for free, this will be marked with a *. All opinions are 100% my own.
vi) Reward Style: as of November 2017 this blog uses links to create a small revenue. Rstyle converts ordinary product links into affiliate links meaning if you click on one of the said links and purchase the product, I'll receive a small commission. This doesn't apply to every link on my blog.
vii)If you are a PR company/brand and you believe that there is an opportunity that would be perfect for "Pam Scalfi" then please do not hesitate to contact me:
Thank you.

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