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Long Hair Do Care: L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Long Hair Range

Despite shorter hair being the "it" trend nowadays, my long hair has been my trademark for a good couple of years and I don't think I will part ways with it any time soon. Even though I've always made an effort to care for it, I've struggled to find products that I loved going back to and that were perfectly right for my hair. Having tried various other L'Oreal hair products previously as well as bigger and more expensive brands, and liking them but not loving, washing and caring for my hair previously felt like a chore. The new L'Oreal  Elvive Dream Lengths range for long damaged hair has come to change that (thank goodness!) and I don't think I've been this excited about a drugstore product in years. Wanna know more about what I think of this new hair regime? Then keep on reading!

The longer my hair gets, the more it goes through and the more damaged it becomes, no matter how much I care for it. Split ends have always been a big problem, especially because of the amount of heat I use pretty much every day, and more often than not I get that urge to trim my tips which just adds to having long hair expenses. With this new line, L'Oreal promises to protect the hair as well as reinforce its lengths, meaning saying no to frequently cutting the ends. Enriched with a cocktail of keratin, vitamins and castor oil, the goodies in this range aim to reduce the appearance of split ends and prevent against breakage. To understand what each of these ingredients does and how these products perform, let's break it down:

Keratin: works to transform frizzy, unruly hair into tamed, shiny, healthy hair.
Vitamins: well we don't know which ones these are, as that is not disclosed in the formula but any vitamins are better than none so it can only mean good things.
Castor Oil: said to THE ingredient for hair growth.

I have yet to try the heat mask and the length mask from the range, but I'm sure I will soon pick these up. I'm already on my second bottles of shampoo and conditioner and that goes to show how much I really love this stuff. The shampoo lathers up to a lovely creamy formula that not only feels cleansing but also moisturising, which is ideal for my oily roots yet dry ends. The conditioner, containing the same lovely scent from the whole range, works well at detangling my usually very knotty hair. But if I had to pick the winner product, it'd have to be the leave-in (which they call the no-cut cream) which I am obsessed about. I've tried my fair share of leave-ins, especially whilst on holiday when I'm rocking the natural look and need more definition. This, for the price, is an amazing find and so very efficient at doing just that. After every wash, and with my hair combed I apply a coin-sized amount of it to my ends, really working it in before whipping my hair back and forth for definition and to remove any excess product. This routine has made a massive difference to my hair, it defines my naturally wavy hair and makes sure my hair dries without any frizz.

The lovely smell of each product, the efficiency of the formulas and how it well it tames my frizzy, dry ends has made me believe again in drugstore haircare products. I don't have to spend a small fortune on professional hair products to keep my locks looking long and healthy. These do the job just right and I will happily repurchase them until they keep working for my hair. Will report back on the growth effect when I see any. For now, all I can say is L'Oreal, you did good with this one and now I no longer live by the "long hair don't care" motto, but rather long hair DO care! Hair that reaches my butt, here I come (lol).

Shop The Range:

Shampoo: HERE
Conditioner: HERE
Leave-In: HERE
Heat Mask: HERE
Length Mask: HERE

(psttt the whole range is currently £12 at Boots; you're welcome!)

Tired this yet? Let me know below!
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  1. Que me lembre nunca usei os champôs da marca.

    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  2. Oooh, the range sounds great! L'Oreal hair products always feel so nourishing!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. I think I need that.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I wont be parting with my long hair either.. My mermaid locks are here for good haha, I use some of these products too, they're great and give a good shine!

  5. Acho que esses produtos não funcionam bem no meu cabelo, pq os meus são lisos, mas vou ver se tem outra gama para cabelos lisos. Adorei o post de qualquer maneira!!
    Beijinhos Poderosa :P, Sandra

    1. Acho que seria bom sim, pois é uma linha para todos os tipos de cabelos inclusive lisos :)

  6. I have long hair too and love the conditioner, but haven't tried the others yet. Great post x
    Natasha | FloralsAndCoralsx

  7. I've really been loving the L'Oreal Elvive hair care products myself lately. I'm currently very into the low shampoos as I wash everyday (hard habit to break) and I feel my hair is tanking me for it!

    1. I used to do wash it every day too but I stopped and the growth I've experienced is unreal!

  8. Ainda hoje comprei a mascara. Estou ansiosa para testar :D

    Beijinhos da antiga dona da sushi, que está de volta com um novo nome.

  9. Sounds perfect for a damage hair.
    I love this brand and been using their keratin shampoo and conditioner but this new one, sounds fun.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. It has already made a massive difference to my hair!

  10. Nice! So great for keeping the hair healthy and strong.

  11. Obrigado linda :D Acredito que sejam muito confortáveis :o

    quero tanto, mas tanto experimentar esta linha!!!! :o Ainda me deixaste mais curioso!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  12. Great review and I adore the packaging :)

  13. I definitely need to try the products!!!

  14. Sounds nice, Pam! I'm letting my hair grow again because I've been using a long bob for a long time now and I want a change. Long hair is indeed high maintenance and split ends are the biggest enemy haha, so I would be excited to try this L'Oreal range. Your hair always looks so beautiful and voluminous!

    1. They are mine too, but these have really helped with that! Good luck!

  15. Pessoalmente, tendo em conta os ingredientes, não era uma linha que usaria! Mas já cheguei a usar produtos da Elvive e eram muito bons. Esse também parece ser :)

    Kiss, Mariana Dezolt
    Messy Hair, Don’t Care

  16. I actually saw the mask today thought about picking it up as I need a new one to try. the range sounds lovely.

  17. It is the perfect solution for my hair troubles! I hope they sell it in Mexico too, fingers crossed

    Natalia | Lindifique

    1. If they don't already, I'm sure it will come over soon :)

  18. I cant use their shampoo as it makes my hair too frizzy, but I love L'Oreal styling products x


  19. This seems really nice, I'd love to try this myself. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica |

  20. Thank you for the amazing review! ♥

    von SellysSecrets || Instagram

  21. I should have tried this when my hair was waist length x


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