Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Two SS18 Trends I Never Thought I'd Be Wearing: Belt Bags & Ckunky Trainers

Confused, intrigued, loving it...yep that's me when it comes to these trends. I remember my father sporting fanny packs back in the day (and me being deeply embarrassed by it). Yet now here I am actually wearing one, in broad daylight for all to see. Similarly, chunky dad trainers were ugly things of the past, and just recently I spent a good hour searching for the right one to purchase online. Have I gone absolutely mad? Maybe so, because despite thinking I would never cave for these insane trends, I'm actually really loving them and not only wearing one of these "bold" statements in an outfit but two, together. 

The super convenient Fanny Pack, waist/belt/bum/hip bag or whatever you wanna call it, has long been the accessory of choice for dorks and tourists. Fast forward to this season, and the trend has had a makeover with more refined designs being brought out. We're moving away from the traditional polyester pouch with a horizontal zipper running across it, to styles resembling more luxury handbags on a belt strap. Of course, the trend is making headlines and has massively divided fashionistas into for and against. For me though, it is all about being versatile, keeping my hands free and not overly sporty. Wear it at the waist, over the shoulder or cross-body style and you will be doing the trend just right.

Moving on to the dad/turbo/ugly Chunky Trainers (again, lots of different names for it), we have Balenciaga's Tripe S to thank (maybe, hate) for it. Classed as the shoe of SS18, I started spotting chunky, spongy, lace-up trainers everywhere a while ago, both on the street and social media. But with fashion weeks on the horizon, I doubt these will go away any time soon and we will be seeing it right through autumn. 

By mixing the classic running-shoe silhouettes with wild materials, colours and proportions, various fashion names have brought out their own version of this style, and needless to say, they are incredibly popular at the minute. These are somewhat pushing aside cleaner, sleek and elegant styles like Stan Smith (which I still love and just ordered a new pair) as A-listers are pairing them with everything from mom jeans to mini dresses! The key is to embrace athleisure but also make it feminine, by clashing the masculinity of the shoe with floaty, ladylike dresses and skirts. 

Dungarees: Matalan (in darkwash, here) // Tee: Primark 
Belt Bag: Miss Selfridge (here) // Trainers*: Trendeo (here)

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What do you think of these trends? Let me know below!
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  1. I love this look! I've never been keen on chunky trainers but there's something about this trend that has made me fall absolutely in love with them and I really want to invest in a pair. I'll check out some of the ones you've linked, thank you!

    Elle x

  2. Nice look you have in there.
    Belt bags are all the rage these days for casual look...
    I still haven't bought one yet though.


  3. I actually like belt bags recently even thogh I would never consider to wear before. Love this look on you. Happy Wednesday, gorgeous . xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  4. Oh I remember fanny backs from my childhood as well and saw them back I had mixed feelings as well haha. I guess it's one of those trends you have to try to actually know if you're into it or not. You look super cute with your fanny pack, which is of course a stylish version of what we remember as kids <3 Also, you're pulling off the chunky trainers very well! The risks in this outfit paid off!

    1. haha I'm glad you liked it Deb! Thanks so much xxx

  5. Belt bags are very handy :-) You look gorgeous in this styling my dear!

  6. You look so pretty! And I'm going to buya belt bag but can't find a perfectone

    1. Get searching! The high street is saturated with them ;)

  7. Back to the nineties in the best way! I love fannies! Your smile brightens the pictures beautifully!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  8. I love this new trend too especially the belt bag.
    You look so fresh and chic in this look babe

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  9. obrigado minha lindaaaa <3

    em primeiro lugar: estás um máximo; em seguida: ando completamente fã de belt bags e quero muito uns ténis do género da Balenciaga!! são de babaaaar :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

    1. quem nao quer um da Balenciaga! Pena que é muito caro né haha

  10. Belt bags are a very fun trend! You look great rocking it :)

    1. Exactly, fun and practical! What's not to love!

  11. What a great way of styling this look! I really like the bag!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  12. Gotta get into belt bags soon! I love how this looks on you (and the trainers too!).

    Joy to the World!

  13. Uhm, not sure how I feel about fanny bags, it gives me bad memories of the 90s.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. It used to do the same for me, but hey I'm loving it now! haha

  14. Hola guapa muy buenos días.
    Personalmente a mi está tendencia me encanta y yo cómo tal soy fan, además me encanta el vestido pichy que llevas. Un besazo.

  15. Neither of those would suit me personally but you look amazing in both! xx

  16. You're looking amazing in this outfit! ❤❤

    New post: What To Style | Instagram

  17. Such a cute look on you dear! That fanny pack actually looks really good. Also, I love trainers, so comfy and soft!

    Jessica |


  18. Honey, look at this dress. It’s beautiful. Perfect for you

  19. Awe! Such a cute wear it is, Pam!
    Black and white combo looks perfect :)

  20. Your outfits always look so chic x


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