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Only 5 Weeks Until Christmas: My Debenhams Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is on the fast approach and behold, Christmas related posts left, right and centre! First of all, #sorrynotsorry for dropping the C-word so early on this year. Second of all, less than 38 days till the most wonderful time of the year (and 143 days until my wedding but who's counting). The town is decorated, the Christmas lights are up and as you can tell I am very excited! Being the Christmas lover that I am and just like I did last year, I cannot wait to unleash some serious Christmassy related posts I have lined up for you all as the weeks come by. And on that thought, it is almost as if Debenhams read my mind when they invited me to join their Win Your Wishlist Blogger Competition; boy do I love a good competition especially when I could be shopping all items on my want list!

Am I too old to write a Santa letter? 
In terms of shopping, I've been pretty good this year. With wedding planning, house hunting and expenses I never imagined about before continuously coming up, apart from the few work outfits here and there, treats for me were pretty much non-existent. Sad I know. Fair enough I did say to myself at the beginning of the year that I didn't need any more make-up bits because my stash was overflowing everywhere. Thankfully during an autumn clear-out I managed to cut things down quite a bit and now, I'm left wanting some new and fun exciting products to play with. Plus, have you seen the new Kat Von D counter at Debenhams? No? Me neither! But come Christmas I am definitely taking a trip down to Oxford Street for a well-deserved treat. If you haven't browsed the Debenhams Christmas range yet, you totally should but be cautious because I have and needless to say, I want pretty much everything (bye bye money). I've picked 6 things (let's be honest though, my wishlist is a lot bigger than this) I would love to get my hands on this Christmas, whether I win this competition or have to drop not very subtle hints for the fiancé; Philipe I hope you're reading this!
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1.  Kat Von D 'Shade & Light' Eyeshadow Palette | £36
I know this is very neutral palette but can we pause and appreciate how pretty the shades are! From the rad reviews I read, this is a must-have and a great product to start with when trying the brand for the first time. I'm particularly loving all of the matte shades and how you can use these for eye looks as well as for contour and highlight.

2.  Ted Baker Rose Gold Watch | £145
It's safe to say the rose gold trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon and given I need a new watch, this is as simple as putting 2 and 2 together. I am gravitating towards more minimalist accessories this season and this watch would be the perfect everyday fashion accessory to complete my winter outfits.

3. Rio Sonicleanse Cleansing Brush | £40
I've always wanted one of these given the great results these brushes provide and at this price tag, in my basket it goes. It claims to be gentle enough to use as part of your daily beauty routine to remove make-up, dirt and grime, aka the perfect beauty tool to leave my skin feeling smoother and refreshed.

4. Yankee Christmas Eve Candle | £22
I've turned into a candle junkie lately because there's nothing better than sitting under the covers, reading a good book and burning a candle in the background. Plus Christmas and candles just go hand in hand and this traditional festive scent sounds absolutely delicious. 

5. Birdhouse Wall Art | £25
Thinking ahead to April when I move into my own house, I want cute and girly decorations around the bedroom and living room (no matter what the fiancé says) and this framing birdhouse is seriously décor goals. I would love to fill it with our own vintage wedding photos. 

6. Floral Cushion | £25
And, on the same train of thought of the above, how gorgeous is this?! I know it's not cheap for a cushion but I've been shopping for bedding and bedroom accessories and this would tie in very nicely with what I got so far, which totally justify its price tag, am I right?!

Tell me, what is on your Christmas wishlist this year? Let me know below and wish me luck for this competition!
Thanks for reading beauties and have a nice end of the week ahead!


*Entry post for Debenhams Win Your Wishlist competition. All opinions are my own (disclaimer here).


  1. Great wishlist, I love Yankee candle too:-) I prefer ask Santa about gift cards for shopping on sales :-)

  2. This is such a great idea and I love your wish list! Ah I want some Kat Von D makeup! Everything just looks so amazing, doesn't it?! The watch is also super pretty, I really love that!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  3. Yes. the Shade and Light palette is definitely on my list too! Thanks for sharing, great picks x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. Ahhhh I'm desperate to get my hands on some Kat Von D makeup, I'll take one of everything! Good luck with your wedding plans chick, so exciting :) x

    Always, Alice

  5. Que produtos incríveis!!

    Mil beijinhos,

  6. a terrific selection,my dear
    I want the face brush

  7. Time really flies, Pam. Beautiful stuff on your wishlist.

  8. Já a contar para o Natal? ahah
    Não me importava nada de receber a palete da Kat Von D também :p
    xx, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  9. That KVD palette has been in my wish list since forever! What a great wish list, Pam and how's the wedding preparation going?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. I love all of your picks! The Christmas eve candle smells so good and I definitely recommend it :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes | Giveaway

  11. Such a fab Christmas wishlist. That Ted Baker watch is so cute. I was in Debenhams on Oxford Street today. I've actually never been in there before but I loved it. Had to pick up my foundation.

    Mich x

  12. Are we free to write the wishlist? Your list is so inspiring!

  13. What a great post! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  14. Ahaha oh man, it's getting closer! So excited for Christmas :)
    Lovely wishlist, I really like that pillow :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  15. Debenhams has some great things, I love their homewares!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  16. I am feeling christmassy but I am SO not ready to tackle the shopping yet, haha! that TB watch is gorgeous :)


  17. Great choices :)

  18. You totally deserve the treat, dear Pam! Go to Oxford Street and have some fun, for sure! And yes, Christmas is knocking on the door, and your wedding too :) I liked the Santa's letter! Loved the Kat von D palette, I like palettes very much, because they are beautiful and practical! I love floral cushions and candles! This Ted Baker rose gold watch is also amazing! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Pam!

  19. The Shade + Light eye palette is amazing! Love that cushion too, so cute!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  20. Ahhh I can't believe Christmas is so close! I totally can't wait :D You've got some great picks on your wish list! I've heard such great things about the KVD palette-- it's a staple in so many people's collections :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  21. oh yes, it's almost christmas and we have to think of our gifts :D I can't believe it :D Such a wonderful gift list from you :)

  22. I have that Yankee Candle and it smells amazing! I love it :) You have some lovely things on your wishlist! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  23. Nice wishlist! I ordered the KVD palette in the VIB sale... I'm so excited to get it! For my xmas wishlist I'm wanting the Lisa Eldridge Face Paint Book.

    Samantha Series

  24. Nice wishlist. The wedding planning must be exciting. Debenhams is a great great place to shop and I can't believe Christmas is almost here.

  25. Lovely wishlist! Also 5 weeks only until Christmas, whaaaaat?! Time is going by so fast! x


  26. I have so many items on my Debenhams wish list, Kat Von D products are quite high on the list x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  27. Confesso que também já estou em contagem decrescente! Com tanta decoração já espalhada por todo o lado, é inevitável não estar eheh
    Essa paleta da Kat Von D é linda!
    Kiss, Mariana Dezolt
    Messy Hair, Don’t Care

  28. Oh I cannot wait until Christmas! I have made a list, but keeping checking things off for myself haha! I love a good cleansing brush, you need one!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  29. That palette is on my Christmas list, which is probably waayyy too long for me to even get half the products on it hah x


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