Monday, August 8, 2016

My Ultimate Summer Nail Polish Shade: Essie Fifth Avenue

You know you have a problem when people ask why you are repeatedly sporting the same nail colour. It's not a secret that I love Essie polishes and until I discovered L'Oreal polishes which I talked about here, Essie was the one and only brand I ever bought so you can imagine I have quite the collection. But there is one I shade I always go back and today I want to dedicate this entire (albeit short) post to it. 

Despite offering a few miss shades, I generally find Essie polishes to be long lasting and I can wear some shades for about a week chip-free. And it is not any different with this gorgeous coral red colour, Fifth Avenue. I love all things red, and yes this polish is very bright, but it is also elegant and classy and if I may so, I think it looks really nice on my pale skin.  

Fifth Avenue has been featured many times here on the blog and what can I say, I have yet to find a true red shade as gorgeous as this that works well for any season. Clearly a year round classic and one I gladly wear any time, nothing beats a coral red for a chic mani and, with the likes of Olivia Palermo wearing this on repeat too, you know you are doing something right. 

Not only is this a key shade in your nail repertoire, coral red works fabulously with tanned skin (hello summer holidays soon in Algarve) and with just enough of an orange undertone to it, this is a colour that flatters every skin tone (no matter how pale you are because have you seen how white I am?!).

Bright red nails aren't for everyone but if you ever want to try red, I recommend this 100%. Whilst it may not be the cheapest offering on the high street, retailing at £7.99 at Boots (although sometimes cheaper on other websites), this season I am betting on striking red nails and this stylish and creamy red orange blend lacquer does just the trickThis is one shade I will gladly be adding to my travel make-up bag. Imagine this on a beach, on one hand my sunglasses and on the other a cocktail...yes please!

Tell me, do you own Fifth Avenue? What is your ultimate summer shade? Let me know below!
Thanks for reading beauties and wishing us all a nice week ahead!


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  1. Beautiful color :) I'm curious how it's looking on nails :)

  2. Beautiful shade , I never had nail polish from this brand before- I must to try it :-)

  3. Such a beautiful shade, I love red nails! X

  4. I always buy so many nail polishes, but always forget to use them. I don`t think I tried anything from Essie before, but after you review, I`ll get this one. (and hopefully remember to use it)

  5. I love the essie polishes, yes, they are expensive, but they have a high quality and the shades are really so amazing :) My fav is the shade watermelon :)

  6. I love this colour, it's the perfect shade for summer x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

  7. I love a good red polish!!

    Emma |

  8. I love Essie polishes! This one looks gorgeous :)


  9. This must be amazing to tanned skin! Really really beautiful shade ;)
    Nati xx

  10. Oooo, that looks like a stunning red, Pam and I'll need to check it out. I have problems with reds on my nails, they usually age my hands and just don't look right on me. Maybe this will be the perfect red? Fingers crossed.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. I love this shade! Great choice, Pam!

    xo, Liz

  12. Love the colour on you. Essie is a very good brand.

    Mich x

  13. The shade looks so pretty, but unfortunately Essie nail polishes chip so fast on my nails!


    Tamara -

  14. I've never tried this shade before but i can see why you love it! Essie do the best range of shades!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  15. So classic color! I love the red nails and lips

    xx LL

  16. Beautiful shade of red, Pam. I am not sure, but I don't think I have this particular one in my collection, yet ;) Happy new week, hun.

  17. Love that fire-y color! I have been on the opposite end of the spectrum with color, but still Essie! I've been wearing "Mint Candy Apple" non-stop this summer!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  18. This looks lovely, would love to see it on the nails
    Summer / xx

  19. Such a lovely color! I have to try some nail polishes from this brand.


  20. The color is gorgeous! No wonder why you repeat it ;) I'm a sucker for red mani, too. I think I got that from my mum, she always wears red or burgundy nail polishes. :) I'd definitely try this coral red, it looks so summery!

  21. Lovely and classic colour. Maybe I will try this one. I have Essie Russian Roulette and don't like it at all, even with three coats it was super thin and not opaque. I'll follow you on snapchat girl !

    Samantha Series

  22. You can never go wrong with red nails! I love this shade! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  23. I was privileged to read your post. and I left a comment. so great to meet you. I’m “following” you. I hope you have a great weekend.

  24. Great review and I agree that red nail paint is not for everyone but if you carry it well than it looks good <3 <3


  25. I definitely think you can get away with brighter shades for the summer, but I have to admit, I don't own a good red!
    My go to shade is normally an electric blue or turquoise, but I think I might have to go and take a peek at this shade next time I'm in store! xx
    francesca |

  26. Classic and my favorite of all time! :D
    Kisses ♥

  27. This is such a stunning colour! I 100% agree, Essie nail polishes are so long wearing! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  28. A cor é muito gira!

    Isabel Sá

  29. Beautiful color!! Great post!!
    Have a nice day!
    *Carol* and xx Vero

  30. Essa marca e otimaaa
    Grande beijo

  31. I don't own it, but I would love to! You can never have too many red polishes ;)


  32. Adoro unhas vermelhas, ficam sempre tão bem! Adorei essa cor :)
    Messy Hair, Don't Care

  33. Oh what a gorgeous shade! I love Essie polishes! xo

  34. Oooh, what a gorgeous red! I'm not really a nail polish girl though, but red really does bring a sort of vibrancy to it <3

    xx   B A S H   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

  35. I know what you mean! Great color!

  36. Such a lovely shade. Great choice. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Great shade! I love wearing red nail polish!



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