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10 Cringe-Worth Make-Up Crimes We ALL Committed in Our Teen Years

Oh my word, anybody else felt like this week dragged on for sooo long?! This is why I am very glad to say Happy Friday! The weather has been pretty good here in the UK these past few days, and by good I mean sunny but freezing - I will take sunny over raining any day. And with the good weather in mind, and the fact that Friday has finally arrived (thank you Jesus) I wanted today's post to be different and a little more fun. I had lots of fun putting together Beauty Things I am Terrible At and you guys seem to have enjoyed it a lot too, so here's a sequel. This time I'm referring to those beauty trends aka beauty crimes we all committed in the early 2000's. Needless to say, they really weren't our finest moments but we have moved past them (she said hopefully) and now we can all laugh about it. 

1. Wrong Foundation Shade

Who's guilty of this one? *slowly raises hand*. I remember my mum having a go at me because I wouldn't let her help me pick the correct shade which meant going for an awful shade of foundation that either made my face two shades darker than my neck (for that Essex fake tan look) or as pale as a ghost. Often, people compared me to snow white so you can only imagine how bad it was. 

2. GlitterEverywhere

Surely I can't be the only one who used glitter in basically everything! I'm talking about glittery eyeshadow for daytime and glittery lip gloss, glitter body lotion and body mist, glitter blush and bronzer and best of all glitter nail polish that one could simply NOT remove no matter how much acetone one used. I really thought I was right on trend but now that I look back at high school pictures (which are all safely put away) I ask myself, what the hell was I thinking!

3. Racoon Eyeliner

I went through a dark phase in my early teens and eyeliner was a must to complete my edgy look. Once again, mum would complain about how horrendous those dark rings looked around my eyes, but I was rebelling and I thought I looked cool no matter what. Traumatised by later realising how stupid I looked, eyeliner nowadays is one of my least favourite make-up items. True story. 

4. Overdone Fake Tan

I've talked about fake tanning before and how I am terrible at it so this isn't applicable to me per se but pretty much all girls in my Year 10 class looked like oompa loompas. Being very liberal with the fake tan and bronzer was not a good look for anybody.

5.  Too MUCH Lip Gloss

Today, I pretty much despise lip gloss and it all started during my teenage years when I used way, way too much of the stuff. Not content with one single layer, I would keep applying more and more until it felt almost unbearably sticky. Worse yet, you’d go through all the trouble only for you to end up licking it all off in an hour tops. I also had many different shades of lip glosses that at end of the day, all looked kinda the same once I put them on anyway. Waste of money and I was most certainly not "poppin'".

6. Very Long Fake Nails

I do find some nail designs pretty and if done right, very tasteful but in those days the longer your nails were, the better! Not only was it impossible to do anything with them (I could barely pick up a pen!), in a few days one would fall off so you’d end up rocking odd looking nails for days before you could get back to the salon, or you’d use some dodgy glue which meant fake nails glued on forever!

7. Lipliner WAY Darker Than Your Lipstick

Whoever thought wearing a darker liner than your lipstick looked good was seriously mistaken!  In my opinion, it is one of the ugliest make-up trends as the contrast is simply hideous. Thankfully, Kylie Jenner taught us a thing or two when it comes to lipliner.

8. Spider Leg Mascara

I didn't even realise you could apply mascara in a way that your lashes didn't end up looking like spider legs. Spider leg mascara is a result of applying way too much mascara (you see a trend here, we all applying too much of everything!) or waiting until the first coat was dry to layer more product on top. All I know is that when it came to applying mascara, it was hard enough  not to get it all over my face. 

9. Partly Straightening Hair

How obsessed were we with straight hair?! Problem is nobody had the time to actually do the entire thing! So in high school I figured that if I couldn't see the back of my head in the mirror, I didn't have to straighten it  and no one would see it either. How very wrong was I! 

10. Over-Plucking Eyebrows

And last but certainly not least, the biggest beauty trend gone wrong in the history of beauty! I've talked about my mini brows during teen years before and I'm sure I'm not alone.  Over plucking your eyebrows into the shape of sperms or shaving them off entirely and drawing new ones on was not a good look. Mine have somewhat recovered and I sincerely hope yours have too.

Guilty of any of these? Let me know below!
Thanks for reading beauties and have a nice weekend ahead!




  1. Haha! I was guilty of raccoon eyeliner. I would do both the top and bottom lines so dark and I thought I looked great! Ha, I've stopped doing that a long time ago and when I look back I just think how ridiculous I must have looked lol.

  2. You know, the good thing about me having come onto the makeup world so so so late, is that I never really did any of these mistakes. Being older I think I have a better sense than when I was younger. And I also think my grandma could have killed me if I ever left the house looking like this.

    I do remember seeing alot of things going around (i.e. pictures) of girls wearing orange like foundation / being orange from tan, which always put me off and made me think "this is why I never use anything" (which really, was a way for me to compensate and try to explain the fact that I was behind on it).

    Anyway, I think this was a fabulous post and it will remind me not to attempt anything on here, just incase. LOVE IT <3333333333333

    Although, I don't believe you did anything of this, you're too good at makeup babe.

    Yesterday it was pretty sunny in Portugal, now it's raining like crazy. I'm with you, sunny cold over rain any day!

    Ella Pinto xx

  3. Lol how funny is this! Absolutely loved the post and all the make up mistakes that came flooding back to me. Have a great weekend. Gemma x

  4. Hilarious! I am guilty of number one! Thanks for commenting on Qing's Style. I hope you always keep in touch!
    Check my feed too! @qingsstyle
    Yay for my blog giveaway

  5. Lol! This reminds me of a meme I saw that said something along the lines of: Girls nowadays are totally skipping over the blue eyeshadow, over plucked brows and clown blush phase we all had to go through :)


  6. I'm guilty of doing everything when I was younger - it was horrible!
    Great post dear x

  7. I loved your post, dear Pam! Yes, too many mistakes! I loved the last one, the eyebrows in the shape of sperms, I had to laugh! I am not the one who did that, I never plucked mine, but I do like lip gloss, not like you said, too many layers and then it goes sticky and staining tops, no, but just a bit, because my lips are so dry sometimes. Never had a fake tan, or too dark eyeliner, or lip liner... I guess I am lazy, just that, or I prefer a more subtle look, but having said this, I have something that may seem wrong... once I read that a slightly "one shade darker than your skin tone" makes a person look friendlier or younger and that's what I wear, but I pull down to my neck a bit. Yes, when you see my pictures you can notice that my hands and legs are a different color, by miles, but anyway, I never find the right tone. I remember a nasty blogger telling me (because I was always very white, to the point of people constantly telling me "you look sick" - then the darker shade came to my rescue and now I think I don't look sick anymore...), so, I remember her telling me, because she is white, but a racist, saying "I am whiter than anyone else (how sick is that?) And you are not as white as me", because of my foundation. It all seems so strange to me, but I tell you, the foundation is still a problem to me :) I don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa, but sometimes I go wrong :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  8. Ameii o post, essas gifs principalmente a do Ross, amo este ep. *--*

  9. Haha, I did a lot of these ☺ still love this lip gloss trend, I think it's pretty XD
    Nati xx

  10. Too funny, Pam, but you're so right... I'm still laughing :)))


  11. Ahaha, you're so right! I hate too much glitter and spider leg mascara, it looks so vulgar.
    Cheers, Eliza |

  12. Ahahahha ! I just totally agree with you.
    The early 2000's trends were awfull, and I was just a kid, so I don't remember really well.

  13. Your post is very interesting and fun! Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo, Nastya Deutsch


  14. Hahahaha! Must say I haven't done most of these because I only got into makeup in 2013 and that's after reading lots of blogs. My mistake would be stick foundation, I thought I was da bomb but omg, it's super cakey! Horror!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  15. Love your post, great content! Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!! Have a great weekend!!


  16. This post is hilarious! Committed quite a few of these myself in my grade school days and in the 90s too; oh such fond memories.

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  17. hahaha love this! I did use to over straighten my hair x

  18. Hahaha, this is too funny! Great post! x

  19. Haha omg this post made me laugh so much (so true) and your choice of gifs is perfection! x

  20. hahahaha i'm guilty of the first one only because i find it hard to get the right shade for my skin tone , and i'm not a fan of glitter on my face . Great post here, and happy weekend!

  21. So true! I loved glitter and lipgloss! And I still love straightening!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  22. Such a funny post! I really enjoyed reading it ; )

  23. LOL this was hilarious! I was definitely guilty of racoon eyes bahaha

    Life in Pastel

  24. Ri-me imenso com este post! Aquilo que eu não usei lembro-me da minha mãe usar e agora que penso não fazia sentido nenhum ahahah Como é o caso do lipliner mais escuro do que o batom, quantas vezes!
    Messy Hair, Don't Care

  25. That eyebrow gif though, hahahaha! I thankfully didn't do much of these but I'm guilty of the super glittery lipglosses.... hehe :)

    Sam | Samantha Series

  26. Hahaha, I laughed reading this entire post. Of course I'm guilty of some of this fashion crimes! Lipgloss? Checked. Mini brows? Checked. Rackoon eyeliner? Checked, although instead of your dark phase, mine was more of an 'emo' one, haha. ;) By the way, the gifs you chose cracked me up! :D

  27. Hahaha, I laughed reading this entire post. it's funny

  28. The first one is definitely something I use to be guilty of.

  29. Hahaha ... What a fun post! Thank you for sharing! I love lipgloss and use it everyday ... 😊
    xx Pisa

  30. There seems to be a trend among korean girls to paint their face much whiter than their skin. It's very obvious and it makes them look anemic. Very ugly.

  31. Pam, I love when you do these posts! The gifs are always hilarious and so appropriate at the same time! Haha I had a good laugh ;)


  32. Hahaha these are so true, so many girls would turn up to my school with an orange face, panda eyes and clumpy mascara
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  33. Haha I loved this post! I definitely remember some of these! I actually still see the spider leg mascara sometimes, it drives me nuts. As a whole, I think beauty has become a lot more natural, especially with Korean skincare/beauty being a huge thing right now.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  34. Hahaha, this cracked me up. Love the post! xx

  35. Ahahhah i'm guilty of using straightening my hair, using lip gloss, and over plucking my brows when i was younger.
    This give me nuts!

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  36. Hahahahaa!! I love the raccoon eyeliner!

  37. The lipgloss! The lipgloss! I put way too much as well when I was in high school, ugh the feels. But now, I only use lip balm just to hydrate my lips.
    I loved reading this post, it's funny.
    Love, Fads

  38. really funny, thank God we never get so far...

  39. really funny, thank God we never get so far...

  40. Haha I love this post Pam, I was definitely guilty of a few of these back in secondary school lool! I used to wear the wrong foundation shade to start with. For some reason I don't even remember thinking about colour matching, I'd just look at the bottle haha. Then I was completely obsessed with all of M.A.Cs' Dazzle Glass lip glosses lol.

    - - Gold Smokey Eye with a Pink Liquid Lip

  41. Spider leg mascara - haha! I remember people used to have that at school, eeeeeep xx


  42. oh my gosh, pam ! you just spoke out of my mind :D Well, glitter....I'm in love with glitter, and hate it :D A strange relation ship :D although I'm not a teen anymore to wear glitter on EVERY thing, I love to use highlights of glitter nail polish , BUT the problem is the removal :D haha
    I would love to see photos out of your "dark" age :D haha, I had several years of wearing just black and blac and black everywhere, a mixture of gothic and rocky, and I really did strange things to my eyes...NOT a beautiful smokey eye or something similar :D

  43. hah it was pretty funny

  44. I was guilty of most of these, I'm so glad I learned to apply mascara correctly!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  45. Ri-me tanto a ler isto! Super culpada pelo glitter e lip gloss... Na minha adolescência usava tanto isso :p
    xx, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  46. Oh my God, this post gave me the lols! Love the GIFs too!


  47. GLITTERY BODY WASH, GLITTERY BODY MIST and GLITTERY BODY WASH FOR THE WIN! LOL I like how as we get older its now "shimmer" not "glitter"


  48. I'm guilty of most of these haha! Especially the spider leg mascara xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  49. I've done far more than I would like to admit of these! Overplucking eyebrows is the one I regret the most. Thankfully they've grown back to their bushy caterpillar gloriousness!

    Kate |


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