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10 DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's day is coming up and if you haven't got your other half a gift yet or you left it till last minute shhhhhh! DON'T PANIC! Why not try something different, and do it yourself? I am sure your loved one will appreciate the time you spend creating these beautiful things.

1. Cupcakes for Dinner & Dessert
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Who doesn't love cupcakes (or just food in general)? If you are thinking of staying in, cooking a nice meal and having a little romantic dinner followed by some alone time, this is perfect. Recipe for Dinner CupcakesRecipe for Dessert Cupcakes.Cupcakes scream romance and I particularly would enjoy very much a romantic dinner cooked my loved one (yes, a hint to you Philipe :p)!

2. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake
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I am not a domestic goddess but even I could pull this off! You can choose any cake/frosting recipe really, but to make it even easier for you click here for an easy peezy chocolate cake recipe. Make sure you use a square and round baking tray to make a beautiful looking heart cake.

3. Paper Flowers
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Flowers? I am glad you asked! Why not make these lovely roses yourself with a bit coloured paper. These will last way longer than real flowers and will probably cost you a lot less too. I'd make many of them, some in red, some in white and arrange them in a nice looking bouquet. 

4. Clock Photo Frame

I got this beautiful frame from "Le boyf" and all you gotta do is print some memorable pictures and boom job done. "Because all the time, I am thinking of you" can be your catchphrase which sounds cheesy as hell but the hopeless romantics (like me ) are sure to enjoy this one. This can be purchased here and it comes in 2 different styles.

5. Soda Can Candy Bouquet
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For the sweet tooth out there (and if money is a little tight at the moment), there is no reason for not giving your other half a little something. This is cool and original I want one. Get their favourite candy and place in something different like an empty Coca Cola can for example. And whilst this is awesome for valentine's day, I think it would go down also well for birthdays and as party favours. Instructions here.

6. Printable Love Coupon Book
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This Printable Love Coupon Book pretty much does all the hard work for you. It includes things like "Date night","Back rub","Foot massages", "breakie in bed", and many many more creative treats to give to your sweetheart! All you have to do is print (in high quality paper I must add), add a nice little ribbon to make a little book and done! You download it here.

7. Kisses on Canvas
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For the artist in you. Just be creative and have lots of lipstick in hand. You might look a little mad kissing a canvas but look at how beautiful the end result is. Plus I have many old lipsticks laying around and these will be perfect to get the job done. I think can also be used to create a nice looking picture to decorate your room or as a gift for your family/friends. Think outside of the box and have fun! 

8. Vintage Style Letter

The above was used by my fiancée to propose ❤. He wrote the letter AND made a video which you can see it here. I know! I am so lucky! :) He used white paper, the kit pictured, which is available here, and fire to make it look like a this was an old letter. And if you are curious, the letter says how much he loves me (describing a few of my qualities lol) and that when he first met me he knew it was love at first sight. I love you baby!

9. Deck Photo Album
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I came acrross this idea when we decided that for our 6th month anniversary we would only make DIY presents (I considered this one but ended up giving him a knitted sweater instead). This is beyond simple and you will probably have a deck of old cards laying around in the house. You can cover the "number side" (or however it is called) with pictures of yourselves and write nice little messages on the other side. You can call it "52 things I love about you" as per above picture I found on Pinterest or call it "52 reasons why I love you". You are welcome!

10. Key to my Heart
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In my opinion, the simplest of them all. Do you know that key that does not open any doors in your house? Yup, that's the one you want to get your hands on and make this simple, yet sooo romantic gift. I think of myself as a very romantic person and if ever I got this, I would literally melt!

That's all I have for today! Leave me a comment, links, ideas and anything else below. Do tell me what you think of these ideas and if you have any others I would love to hear from you! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved one and if you have't found your other half quite yet, don't lose faith! God has someone prepared for you and when the right time comes, you will be glad you waited for them! 

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  1. Oh my! Such great ideas, I especially love the candy bouquet and the coupon book. So original! I have some Valentine's day blog posts on my blog as well, I'd like for you to check out :)

  2. These are too cute! Such wonderful ideas.
    I'm single...I'm going to buy myself more shoes!!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne


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