Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn is Here: How to Wear Leopard Print Shoes

It's no surprise to anyone that leopard print is quite possibly the biggest fashion trend for this season. I'm certainly seeing it everywhere I turn, and believe it or not, it all started back in the 1920s when leopard fur coats were all the rage (thankfully real fur is a thing of the past). By the 1940s, the print got bolder and was seen in anything from evening wear, to swimwear. In the 60s, eye-catching leopard printed accessories were the ones to bet on, and since then the animal print has remained every woman's secret wardrobe weapon. The print instantly pumps up an outfit and matches well with pretty much anything so what's not to love?! I've worn my fair share of leopard print clothing (check these posts here and here), but shoes were something I've had my eyes on for quite some time and really wanted to try to style. Thankfully, the high street is inundated with offerings of this kind, from court shoes to ankle boots, and here are a few tips on how you too can add some "rawwwr" and personality to any outfit by starting with your footwear.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Back To School Edition: Glossybox September 2018

Wow, two weeks off from this little space felt like an eternity. It was however much needed time off considering the number of things I was juggling but I am back and so so happy and to be bringing you one of my favourite posts to write, a Glossybox* review! I try to make these as a light read as possible and I hope you too enjoy reading them. Now, September is one of those gloomy months where we go back to school, uni or work after an amazing summer away and Glossybox, anticipating this, has put together a curated edit to help us get prepped and organised, and I am all for that. Let's see how they did, shall we?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

5 Tips On How To Shop Smart This Fall

I recently read Hayley's post on why she has given up on sale shopping (if you haven't read it yet, check it out here), and it really spoke to me as I could relate to pretty much every reason she mentioned. I too was guilty of buying things in the sale that were either too small or too big for me, with the promise I made to myself that I would fit into it one day or get it tailored, only to see the item with its tags still attached a good couple of months later and deciding to send it to a charity. With this in mind, and with the new season steadily approaching, we're all going to want to do some shopping (I know I am considering the massive clearout I had before the seasons changed). But shopping for a new season wardrobe doesn't need to be spending big bucks on various items, I'd rather shop smarter. With these 5 tips I've put together on how to shop smart this autumn (which actually work for any season or any time you fancy shopping at all), I hope you and I can really drive our monthly credit card bills down and became a better shopper going forward. If you too are tired of buying things just for the sake of it and wanna learn a few fail-proof tips, then keep on reading!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer 2018: My Latest Outfits From Instagram

Can you tell it's been radio silence over here recently? These past few weeks have been anything but easy when it comes to blogging, and I blame it on the sunshine! Since my holiday at the beginning of July, I've been really enjoying summer and with the prolonged warm weather we've been having (that seems over now doesn't it), I've wanted to be anywhere but behind a computer or a phone, and surely you can relate. It was time I let my hair down, enjoy every single hour of sunshine for walks, outings with friends, camping, and everything I had never done before because let's be frank, the British summer weather never previously allowed for. But, even if has been put on the side more often recently, I've been sharing some of my normal day outfits (rather than purposely photographed ones) on my social media and today I wanted to do a rundown of those because I often get asked where stuff is from so maybe this will help. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to link similar items to each look, making your life easier too! You're welcome :)
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