Thursday, September 21, 2017

3 Easy Ways to Cosy Up Your Home This Autumn

Ah, the beauty of fall is here to stay and now that I have my own space, I can't wait to decorate it for a more autumnal feel. Given I got married during springtime, my house has since then been incredibly colourful because is there any better way to do summer decor? I think not! Hence, this is my first time doing my own decor for the colder days ahead and needless to say my Christmas wishlist is already huge; a new tree, ornaments, all the tartar print decor, fairy lights, snow globes, you name it! For now, though I have to content myself with slightly less themed decor bits because one may say it's a bit early for all the Santa stuff to be coming out, but I still want my home to feel more cosy, warm and nice to look at. Which is why, when invited me to check out their amazing collection, this post was like a light bulb moment. I know I know, this sort of thing has been done a million times before and none of these ideas is exactly groundbreaking but I still want to write about them so here I am! I hope you enjoy these 3 ideas on how to make your home cosier this fall, let's go!


I do not think anything compares to being under a cosy blanket, hot chocolate in hand, watching your favourite telly show or something on Netflix in my case as we don't own a TV (crazy I know). I have a gorgeously fluffy cream blanket on my sofa, but it is so small the hubby and I end up fighting for it half the time. I need a new one and whilst I will probably get one from Primark (have you guys seen the Disney ones yet? I WANT!), I am loving this Alice in Wonderland blanket which features printed words, and this Pride & Prejudice one. Can I just have one of each?! One can never have too many blankets! Check out here the amazing range of Pillow & Blankets, you too will want one of each!


To go with our new blankets, we obviously need some cushions to make chill time all the more comfortable. I think it's time to put away my colourful summery and emoji cushions and go for something a little more neutral, perhaps a fluffy or furry cushion (or both). I love the idea of this Map Customisable Cushion as you can choose a special place to be printed on it and I think it makes for an amazing gift to someone as well. Whilst at it, I may as well add to my wishlist this Shiatsu Massage Cushion because a massage in the comfort of your own home after a long workday gets a massive "yes please!" from me!


An obvious one again but what the heck. I bloody love candles (as does every other blogger out there) and I can't seem to stop buying them. A candle burning in the background is extremely soothing and goes hand in hand with pampering time, especially on a Sunday night when you're preparing yourself mentally for that dreaded Monday morning. I particularly like out of the ordinary candles and the range of Unique Candles at Uncommongoods is pretty amazing and worth checking out. For me, a good candle has to look pretty, smell delicious and be long lasting and these seem to tick all these boxes!

Tell me, how do you make your home more cosy for fall? I'd love to know so do comment below!
Thanks for reading beauties and wishing us a great weekend ahead!
Hopefully, I will see you next week with more fashion posts! 


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  1. I am pretty limited with decoration due to the Kids, but blankets and cushions are always a safe bet.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. haha decor and kids really dont go in the same sentence now do they!

  2. Oooh love all of these suggestions! I wish it was Fall here in Australia! But instead we've got pool weather (deffs can't complain hehe)! x


  3. So excited for autumn for this reason. Love to feel snuggly and cuddly with a blanket and candle burning in the background.

    Mich x

  4. Blankets and candles are a must for me! Great post, Pam!

    xo, Elisabeth

  5. I love that kind of shops, great post my dear :-)

  6. I got all three out and ready! LOL! And I have been candle shopping like crazy too.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  7. Blankets and candles are absolutely a 'must-have' for Autumn and Winter :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  8. Everything you mentioned I love! Autumn :) Blankets, cushions and candles and also uncommongoods, such a lovely shop! I am so glad, autumn has arrived! I hope you get all on your Christmas wish list, Christmas will soon arrive too (time flies...!)

  9. I recently went a bit overboard with Fall shopping in Matalan and Primark. Got so many blankets and cushions. Now I avoid Home Sense like the plague because the situation is getting out of hand:))

    Georgiana / Beauty Nerd

  10. Can't wait for those Fall afternoons with hot tea and movies! Inspiring post!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Confesso que não gosto nada do outono e do inverno...

    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  12. Wow, great tips, I would love to spend some afternoons with hot tea and movies! Very nice post dear <3

  13. Blankets and candles are definitely a must x

  14. Great ideas! I really want to learn to knit better so I can make my own cosy blankets!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  15. wow this post is so pretty :) nice idea :)

    follow for follow if you like


    Check out my ♥Instagram ,Bloglovin Google✚

    Stay Gold

  16. great fall inspiration, my dear, I personally love cushions, all over the place...
    and of course a beautiful designer blanket

  17. ugh, I need to break out my candles now! I've really been wanting to try a diptyque one, even though i have 3 big ones from bath & body works i need to finish first... maybe when I finish one of those, I'll treat myself to the diptyque one :p

    becky @ star violet

  18. I got blankets and cushions out together with different types of tea :)))
    Lovely post dear!


  19. Blankets and candles are my must have too.
    It looks relaxing and cosy at the same time

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  20. I really think that all of these decor accessories are perfect for warming up your home in Winter.

    I like the idea of the customisable map cushion :)

    Rachel xx
    The Daily Luxe
    5 ways to transform a boho dress for evening

  21. Adorable suggestions! Those blankets look really warm and cozy, by the way. I love cushions and most especifically, "seasonal cushions" (as in, cute and colorful for Spring/Summer, cozy for Fall and with Christmas patterns for Winter <3). And yes, candles. Candles all the way!

  22. Tenho mantas e velas por todo o lado em minha casa, inverno ou verão! Acho que tornam qualquer lugar mais acolhedor :)
    Kiss, Mariana Dezolt
    Messy Hair, Don’t Care

  23. Love this post. Anything home wear related gets me so excited these days. We still have lots we need to add to our home, so I'll be looking forward to a new tree this year too and I can't wait to pick out all of the decorations. That Alice in Wonderland blanket is amazing. I've never heard of Uncommon Goods before but I'm off to go browse the rest of the website now! :D

    Samio x

  24. Really lovely dear! Candles and blankets are almost always synonymous to fall. Love the cozy vibe!

    Jessica |

  25. I can't wait to buy some lovely Autumnal candles!


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