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Budget Beauty: Sleek Matte Me Lip Glosses + Swatches

The Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss collection has been hugely popular (you can check all the available colours here) and now I understand why. These lipsticks are available in 6 vibrant shades which according to Sleek are designed to suit all skin tones and they claim to have smooth matte finish and provide wear for hours. I purchased a few (almost all) of them last week and I want to share my opinion and show you how they look on me. There are things I really love about this product but things I wish were better but before I get to that, let's check out the colours I got (swatches include pictures with flash on and off so you can see how they look in different lighting).

Picture: Sleek MakeUp 

Birthday Suit: a very classic browish nude which I am in love with. To me, the colour on my lips looks a tad darker than it does on the bottle. But I've been after a Marsala lipstick for a while and whilst I got Maybelline 630 Velvet Beige, I wanted a matte one that would last me all day and this is perfection! AND Marsala has been nominated "Colour Of The Year 2015" by Pantone so it's totally "in" right now.

Petal: a pale pastel pink and my absolute favourite of the collection. I have been wearing it for work almost every day because it's so flattering and discreet; it literally goes with everything. Pastels are always in fashion and this colour is flawless. It also reminds me of MAC Saint Germain but in a matte version.

Brink Pink: a (VERY) vivid neon pink, so bright it’s literally on the brink. I was scared of this one as I was putting it on because I didn't think it would so striking. As I preparing to shoot this colour, my brother walked into my room and his words were: "YOWZA!" That is how bold this colour is and it does take guts to walk out of the house wearing it. I'm not sure this is one I would wear constantly but I will keep it for a very summery day and it might just look really nice.

Fandango Purple: a somewhat fuchsia purple, great for the weekend and a night out. This colour is extremely vibrant and I'm really fond of purple lipsticks at the moment and it's nice to have this shade in my makeup collection. In my opinion it's quite similar to MAC Fashion Boost Lip Liner and you can totally see how the colour changes depending on the lighting!

Rioja Red: THIS! I have never seen such a true bright red colour as this one on my lips before. This is a traffic stopping colour that will be very much used by me in the upcoming summer. It is truly beautiful and it kind of reminds me of Ruby Woo by Mac. This colour is anything but shy so you need to be brave to sport this one but I am already attached so I will totally embrace it.
Now what do I think?

♥ This stuff is seriously awesome! I have found them to be so rich and pigmented (especially the brighter colours) so you will need to apply with caution. Sleek advises that this only needs one coat and I find that to be completely true. With one coat of each of these lipsticks I was able to get good coverage and a decent finish. I even had to remove some of it by blotting as one slick is more than enough. 

♥ It dries to a very matte/velvety finish but I don't feel that it dries too fast making it difficult for me to spread it out. They can be drying so if you have dry lips make sure you ex-foliate and moisturise your lips beforehand. When I tried using a lip balm right before applying the lip gloss, the colour looked great but my lips became very sticky and not nice at all. So, I would advise applying a lip balm the night before, so that your lips are well moisturised and they don't crack/peel/flake the next day.
♥ I'd say these are almost all true to colour and provide a smooth application. The colours I had most trouble applying were the darker/brighter ones, so make sure you take your time applying them and perhaps even try a lip liner first so you know to apply inside the lines and make less of a mess!

♥ They dry relatively quickly to a matte finish and are long wearing. I have worn them for several hours and even after eating and drinking the colour was still very much present. This stuff does not budge easily, and you will need a make-up remover to completely remove it.

♥ I find that the wand isn't that amazing. It's quite stiff to work with especially when applying the brighter colours so you have be extra careful. 

♥ But all in all, they provide me with such a lovely finish and for the price you pay (£4.99 each), what else could you want! I have been adventuring on all sorts of matte lip colours for a while and these are a nice addition to my make-up bag. 

So, there you have it! What are your thoughts on these Lip Creams? 
Thanks for reading beauties and until next time!



  1. Love all the colours, especially the Fandango Purple ♥ I am definitely gonna try these!!

    1. Woooooo! Yup its a beautiful colour :D Try it and let me know what you think. Don't forget to moisturise first ;)

      thanks for reading beautiful xxx

  2. Your so beautiful !! Great post , loved it

    1. awww thank you so much Staves! im following your blog, you have some great stuff too girl :D


  3. these are my fave lip products ever! I have a few of them, i need to get them all but they never seem to be in stock! :/

    1. I know right! But keep checking the Boots website, they usually stock up at the begging of each week :)

      Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Sleek is a great brand. I remember picking up two lipsticks years ago and over the moon when I saw their eye palettes for £5 when they first came out.

    A great brand with lots of choice.

    Laura x


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  6. Eu comprei dois :D o Old Hollywood e o Vino Tinto. Mas que achaste? Pois a primeira vez que comi ou bebi qualquer coisa saiu um bocado :/


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