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5 Amazing Make-Up Dupes For Under £5

Today's topic is: MAKE-UP! I wanted to show you 5 products I am loving at the moment. These products were all bought for less than a fiver (bargain I know!) AND they are pretty good alternatives for Premium Make-up products! Want to find out more about them? Then keep reading and enjoy.

Let's start with my favourite: W7 Honolulu Bronzer £4.49

This bronzer is out of this world! You know how most drugstore bronzers leave your skin orange rather than giving you a nice tanned glow? This is nothing like that. This bronzer is more brown than orange and I have been using this product daily for contouring. I am really impressed by its quality despite its price; it is very pigmented so you need to dose it correctly but also matte which suits daily use as I prefer no shimmer during the day. You can also see how build-able the coverage is depending on your skin tone. 

This product has a great wear time and it is ideal to have in my bag because it's small and the packaging is sturdy. It comes with a very cute brush which is extremely soft, making application effortless. 

This product is definitely a cheaper dupe for Benefit's Hoola Bronzing Powder; the packaging is very alike and even their names are similar! Hoola is a slightly lighter shade than Honolulu but also 4 times more expensive so you can't really complain here. I confess, I was a bit worried about the quality of W7, but I am so glad I tried their products because I am now hooked and this is my go-to daily bronzer.

Moving on, let's talk about the much loved Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palettes. How beautiful are those? What if I told you that W7 does identical replicas of each of them? Yup! I have all of them of course, but the one I want to show you in particular is: W7 In The Nude - Natural Nudes £4.99

I bought this beautiful palette at Beauty Base a few months ago for exactly £4.99. I don't think they stock them any more, but I have seen these at Asda, Tk Maxx, and online. This palette is the exact replica of Urban Decay Naked 3 (the most beautiful of them all in my opinion) and whilst the original Nakeds go for £38 each, I am in love with the replica and it does the job perfectly for only 5 bucks! 

There are 12 shadows and each of them have a different name, just like the original. I am not going to lie, the applicator isn't that great but this doesn't bother me too much because the quality of the shadows is unbelievable. You'd think that for the price, the quality would be compromised but that's not the case at all. These eye shadows are highly pigmented and will allow you to create such beautiful and natural looks, perfect for work and daytime outings. 
You can prolong their wear and make the colour pop by using a primer of course (picture above with flash on and no primer). Considering I am very picky with shadows, these have won me over and are literally all I wear now. Why spend almost 40 bucks in one palette, when I can have all 3 for less than 20. I super recommend these so definitely go get yours!

Next: Highlighting! This has become a very important step in my make-up routine (check out my previous post on this here). A good highlighter is perfect to showcase where the shine would naturally be if the sun was hitting your face. So when I saw this highlighter for less than £3 I knew I had to get it and try it out: Technic High Lights Highlighter £2.43.

This highlighter is liquid but I found it very simple to use and easy to blend. Liquid highlighters tend to give a more natural finish and dewy appearance so I dabbed this across my cheek bones and above my cupid's bow and it gave me a subtle glow which lasted me all day long. As a lover of all things Benefit, the Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer (such a long name!) has been on my wishlist for a very long time. But I never could justify paying almost £20 on such a small product so I am very glad I stumbled upon this cheaper dupe by Technic, it is perfect!
I have read that this product has a higher shine than the Benefit one because of its shiny grains which are just that bit finer. I have never used High Beam, so cannot really compare the two but what I can say is that, a little bit of High Lights goes a long way and it leaves me with such a beautiful complexion. I love the price, I love the shine, I love this tiny bottle!

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Camera Ready £3.99

I have tried various primers, from expensive ones to cheaper drugstore brands and this is by far one of the best primers I have ever used. I love everything about this product; it does its job by reducing the appearance of my pores and fine lines. I have found that when you first squeeze the product into your hands, it does have a weird consistency. But as soon as you put it on your face, you are in heaven! Your skin suddenly becomes soft and smooth and just so nice to touch. Primers are also meant to prolong wear of foundation and this does absolutely that. I wear make-up every day to work (from 6am to almost 7pm), and of course my make-up doesn't look as fresh as it does when I first put it on, but this primer manages to keep everything in place with no necessary touch ups during the day. 

I would even compare this to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (which costs £28); both leave your skin soft and nice but the huge price gap makes me pick W7 as a winner. The price tag and the quality of this product are both amazing, so I will definitely re-purchase in the future!

Last but not least, LyDia Professional Blending Brush £2.99 (£3 for a brush? Are you kidding me?!)

Yes, we all dream of having every single MAC brush out there, but those prices are just not that pretty. This brush however has a tiny price tag and is perfect in every single way. No more badly blended eyeshadow, this brush is a must have for every make-up lover as it has very soft bristles allowing you to create the perfect "smokey eyes". And even though it is slightly larger than your normal blending brush, it is very comparable to MAC 224 Tapered Blending at just a fraction of the price.

The quality? I have washed this brush a few times now and not a single hair has come loose which proves how well made this is. I have just ordered my second one and cannot wait until it gets here!

And that is the end of my list and these are my favourite cheapy dupes of the moment! If you have any other good and *cheap* dupes, do share them with me. I love a good bargain! And if you have tried any of the above products, do leave me your opinion below!

Thank you for reading beauties and have a lovely week ahead!




  1. Really like the palette too! Such lovely colours. You should try the Loreal one which is identical to the Naked as well! :D


    1. thanks for the tip Meg! I will definitely look into that palette :D

      thanks for the visit xxx

  2. Great post! <3 highlighter looks so nice! such a great price too :)
    Chloe xx

    1. Aww thank you Chloe :)

      Yeah, it is really nice and so cheap. Love it!!

      I love your blog :)

      Pam xxx

  3. I have the Naked 3 palette and I can confirm that in the pan at least, these colors look exactly the same. lt's kind of funny how these brands not only copied the product but the packaging as well!


    1. I've compared them side by side and they are basically identical. I'd say Nakeds are more pigmented but for the price you pay for W7, that doesn't even bother me! Thanks for visiting Collen, already following your awesome blog

      Pam xx

    2. Great tips that I will pass on to my daughter as well. The palette looks gorgeous, I shall have to try and find one! Will check out the primer too. use High Beam.and live it. It lasts fir ages to be honest but I have tried the one you reviewed too and apart from the cheaper one being a tad runnier I think they both work beautifully.

  4. all these items looks so great! I definitely must check out W7, the eye shadow palette and bronzer just looks so good!

    1. Thank you! Definitely check it out, you will love their stuff :D

      thanks for visiting Mariel xx

  5. Wow these look like amazing dupes! That brush looks like it could be Bobbi Brown! So fab! X

    Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-

  6. Omg! Thank you so much for this post! I have never seen any Benefit dupes so I'm definitely going to keep my eye out. I am a big Benefit fan but I'm not a fan of the price!


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