Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Party Fashion Inspiration

When it comes to Christmas, we Brazilians do things a little differently. We celebrate it both on the 24th, when we have a sit down meal at around 11pm and wait up until midnight to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, as well as on the actual day when we eat again and again and again and exchange our Secret Santa and other gifts. Christmas Eve is usually spent with a larger number of friends, and it is when we dress up like we are about to walk down the red carpet (I kid you not), whereas on the 25th I am happy to spend the entire day at home with our closest friends in cute (and comfy/stretchy may I add) pjs. 

During the holidays last year, my family and I were in sunny Brazil so choosing an outfit wasn't too hard; a mini dress and a pair of sandals and I was good to go. This year the weather allows for something much more glamorous (am I the only one who thinks winter fashion is so much more chic?) and that is exactly what I am going for. I've bought 2 dresses and I simply can't decide which one to go with but these are some of my favourites when I was shopping for the one (or in this case the two).

Midi and Mini Dresses
From L to R: 1, 2, 3, 4
Sequin Dresses
From L to R: 5, 6, 7, 8
Black Dresses
From L to R: 9, 10, 11,12.
Are you attending any parties on Christmas Eve? Which is your fav? Let me know below! Christmas countdown has finally begun (woooo), hope you are all as excited as I am!

Thanks for reading beauties and have a jolly week ahead!


*All images belong to Collages created by me.


  1. Wonderful dresses, I want all of them :-)

  2. Love all of your picks, especially the sequins and midi dresses. Xx

    Mich |

  3. Beautiful dresses


  4. Amazing collections.Love them all and great inspiration dear.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Great Collection Of Christmas Party Fashion. love them all. Thank for share

  6. Love all these dresses, especially first raw.

  7. Those lace midi numbers are absolutely stunning. I wish I had enough events to attend to wear ALL of these! Great picks xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  8. So many gorgeous dresses. I love a good sequin dress at this time of the year

    Lauren x |

  9. Brazilian Christmases sound like so much fun - especially with all that food! Those mini and midi dresses are my favorite; I love anything that flares out like that. I most likely won't be attending any parties, my family usually just gathers our closest relatives and have a big dinner. Still, an excuse to dress up!

    becky ♡ star violet

  10. I had no idea Christmas was celebrated that way in Brazil, but it sounds fantastic! You've also picked wonderful dresses for a Christmas party, Pam!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  11. Bonitos vestidos!

    Isabel Sá

  12. Love all of them specially the glittery ones!

  13. The floral and the red lace one are gorgeous!! Happy Holidays, Pam.

  14. Gli ultimi abiti, i neri sono fantastici!
    i'm new follower gfc!
    I hope that you will be followers of my blog

  15. Beautiful selection, love the sequin dresses!

  16. I'm in love with the short flare dresses!
    I'm 4'11 and little so the Black Long dresses will be like long gowns on me! LOL
    But the first group of dresses was my favorite. Love your taste in fashion! Surely following you for more fashion inspired post!


  17. Love the midi dresses! Beautiful selection!


  18. I love wearing sequins during the holidays and especially on New Years! I especially love the gold one! It's gorgeous!

    Shannon Sage

  19. Love the detailing in all the dresses but I think the red one on the top line is my favourite! One more day of work and I will be in full Christmas mode!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  20. This looks amazing darlin'
    I really love the way you write and all your pics

    Alice Cerea,
    Baby what's up

  21. I really need to buy myself a midi dress and stop wearing pants for once! It would probably shock everyone to see me so feminine but worth a try eh? ;-)

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  22. Wow! Very, very nice. *-*


  23. Nice selection ...

    xx L.

  24. The sequins dresses are stunning!

  25. These dresses are gorgeous and they would be perfect for any occasion, especially parties. 4, 6 and 11 are my favourites, I can't resist sequin dresses.

  26. Great picks! I'm down for anything gold, glittery, or lacey for sure.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  27. You have some good picks! Can I just have it all?

    Trending In Fashion

  28. Amazing collections, thank you for share these nice styles!

  29. Here in Argentina we have similar traditions. We get together with family to have dinner and wait til midnight and on the 25th we have lunch together. Christmas Eve is also the formal occasion here. And New Year's is more likely to be spent with friends.
    I love those dresses, specially the ones with sequins.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  30. You do festive dressing the same as me. Dolled up to the nines of Christmas Eve...and slobby pyjamas all day on Christmas Day! Amen sister.

    My favourite dress is top left - I'm in love!!


  31. That rad lacy mini dress is beautiful :)
    I got to find something, since I was invited to my uncles place. I kinda have dress in my head, but don't know if I'll find it.


  32. Beautiful dresses!

  33. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  34. I love the sequin dress
    I think it's a perfect holiday party outfit

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  35. Gorgeous picks! I love the sequin dresses x

  36. It's not only a Brazilian tradition, you can find it also in Rome a Neaples...
    So, I'm in love with the flower dress and with all the black ones :)))


  37. I so agree with you - winter fashion is much much more chic. I feel like it allows us to pair more clothing together, and just put on anything we want without worrying if we're gonna be sweating our asses off. (neste momento, Portugal esta tanto calor como frio - não se decide)

    From the mini dresses - I much prefer the first one.
    From the sequin dresses - I'm a big fan of the second one.
    From the black dresses - I really can't decide. They're all so so so pretty. Maybe the second. Or the third. Or all of them at different occasions.

    Hope you're well x
    Ella Pinto xx

  38. I LOVE the lacy red Ted Baker Mahima Sequin Floral Full Skirt dress (3rd in the top row of photos)!!!
    I also love the black Boohoo Premium Lace Skater Dress next to it (4th). Your tradition of wearing beautiful fashion outfits on Chrtistmas Eve and comfy pyjamas Christmas Day sounds great. Love it!

  39. So many gorgeous dresses!!! I can't even pick a favorite!
    Here in Argentina we celebrate just as you described so I totally get you. Although I wish i could experience a winter holiday instead of a summery Christmas too, haha. Oh, and I agree with you 100%, fashion is always more chic and sophisticated for the Fall/Winter season!

  40. These dresses are stunning! My favourite is definitely the black sequin dress, it's perfect for a christmas party or new years eve :)

  41. Aqui costumamos ficar por casa a comer comer comer, abrir prendas e comer. Adorei o vestido nr 7, usava-o para a passagem de ano :)
    Messy Hair, Don’t Care | Blog

  42. What a lovely choice of dresses! I really loved the lace burgandy from Ted Baker
    Happy Christmas!

  43. Love the sequins and black dresses, chic and classy <3 Love to hear about your Christmas traditions, in our family we just eat and visit the church. Ohh and family Christmas Party too :)

    Capturing Life Memoirs | bloglovin' | Instagram

  44. I really enjoy your post. Have a great day!

  45. What a great tradition. I'll be having a Polish style Christmas eve as my grandpa is Polish!!
    Have a lovely Christmas :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  46. Wonderfull Inspiration !
    The Midi & Mini dresses are very Nice !
    But Black is The Bomb.

    Ayat von

  47. All cute dresses, loving the short gold sequin dress!



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